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Messi speaks clear of his injury and Of Paul and Scaloni also ‘wet’ with the physical state of the ’10’


The selection of Argentina achieved the classification to the semifinals of the Glass America 2024 when defeating to Ecuador in the batch of penaltis. The meeting, besides, witnessed the return of Lionel Messi to the terrains of game after having suffered annoyances in his right leg in the duel in front of Chile of the second day of the phase of groups. When finalising the crash in front of the ‘Tri’, so much the rosarino like Lionel Scaloni and Rodrigo Of Paul pronounced on the physical state of the ’10’.

The eight winning times of the Balloon of Gold confessed that during the week was “treating to take out the annoyance that had, the pain, training of to little, feeling a bit of fear, soltándome of to little. In the last trainings felt me better and thought that it could be“.

“It felt me well, it did not have annoyances, at all. By here yes a bit of the psychological fear to have an injury or an annoyance always is, but to muscular level did not have at all . It asked me (Lionel Scaloni) if it was to play and said him that yes”, added, leaving clear that finds in an optimum level to follow defending the title achieved in the 2021.

By his part, the trainer of the albiceleste sustained that “I think that finished well. The last time that we ask him how it was they were missing four or five minutes and answered us that it was well. I do not think that have problems“. Besides, it revealed that during the meeting in front of the ecuadorian group “went him asking how went and every time that I asked him said me that it was well and was still in the field”.

It is doing “an enormous sacrifice” to play the tournament

Of the same way, the midfield player of the Athletic of Madrid ensured that Messi is doing “an enormous sacrifice this Glass America to be able to accompany us in thefield “. “I have seen until which hours remains working to recover and can be with us. Leo is like a greater brother for us, gives us a lot of security”, manifested, adding that “all the Argentinians have to be very, very proud of the captain that have”.

Of this form, remains clear that the player of the Inter Miami has recovered entirely of the problem suffered in front of the Red and already prepares to face the semifinals of the appointment sudamericana. Once achieved the classification to the following round, Argentinian rival wait between Venezuela and Canada, that will see the faces this Friday to define who will struggle against the champions of world by the pass to the final.

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