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MVP Of Germany! Ilkay Gündogan Marked and assisted in the German triumph in front of Hungary


The selection of Germany continues with his step arrollador in the Eurocopa 2024. In this occasion, the ones of Julian Nagelsmann attained a new flawless performance when winning 2-0 to the Hungary of Dominik Szoboszlai. In this meeting, the midfield player of the FC Barcelona, İlkay Gündoğan, went the big protagonist of the day, since it participated directly in the conversion of the two annotations of the ‘Mannschaft’: it assisted the first so much courtesy of Jamal Musiala and invoiceed he same the second target.

Precisely, ‘Gündo’ would leave his first footprint in the commitment to the minute 22. The one of Gelsenkirchen was key in the played, first presionando to Péter Gulácsi, guardameta of the combined Hungarian, to steal him the possession of the balloon in the heart of the area. From here, in spite of being under pressure of a defender and the goalkeeper, the ’21’ showed a coolness and worthy tactical intelligence of an authentic ‘jugón’. It did not doubt in removing the mark and afterwards raised the head to find enabled to Jamal Musiala, to the one who gave him a remarkable pass, leaving it practically only in front of the arch so that this sent the spherical at the end of the networks.

Now, his second contribution to the meeting would arrive in the minute 67. In this opportunity, Gündogan showed his big capacity to arrive to the rival area, confining in her with the sufficient tarpaulin as to position near of the penalty spot between no less than three opponents. It offered like option of pass for Maximilian Mittelstädt, the one who enabled it from the left band. Already with the ‘leather’ in his feet, ‘Gündo’ did not doubt for desenfundar a subtle finish of left leg, leaving without options to the pulled attempt of the cancerbero Hungarian.

The numbers of İlkay Gündoğan in front of Hungary

İlkay, the ‘MVP’ of the duel and the one who fungió like captain of the ‘Mannschaft’ during the 84 minutes that was in the field before being relieved by Deniz Undav, in addition to leaving his footprint in the marker, also had a commitment stood out from the statistical point of view. It topped an effectiveness of 84% in the passes that made (38/45), attaining 100% of tarpaulin in the only long stroke that tried.

Likewise, it created a big opportunity, provided two key passes and received the balloon in at least 51 occasions, mainly in the last third of the field. In this zone, ‘Gündo’, although it was not the most active player in the actions, showed a lethal forcefulness when had the possession of the spherical in his power, improving significantly the offensive aspirations of a Germany that already is mathematically classified for the following phase of the Eurocopa.


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