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My hope is to continue in Barcelona


Joao Cancel seems to have very clear that his future is in the FC Barcelona. The side is looking for to keep in the Barcelona team, like minimum, until 2025, to the margin that for now it is not something that depend netamente of him, but of the negotiation that establish the Manchester City and the Catalan group. The side follows waiting and, in the meantime, whenever it can leave very clear that his illusion is to continue in the City Condal.

Like this it explained it in an interview with ‘Football Emotion’, signalling that “from always had the curiosity for playing in the Barcelona and know the city, by all what explained me. I am delighted”, ensured. “I go to be a bit unfair, but can not choose between Lisbon and Barcelona. It likes me a lot be here, am comfortable here; also my family, my daughter, my wife… By everything, the city is lovely, the climate”, highlighted in this regard I Cancel.

I cancel it is to taste with his life and his career in Barcelona

Besides, it sustained that “to the people likes him the player that am. This also does you enjoy to be here. We expect that it was here next year. The truth is that it likes me a lot the city”, confessed the Portuguese player, the one who has agreement until 2027 with the City and will have to report to the English team when it culminate his participation in the Eurocopa with Portugal, taking into account that it seems little likely that exist an agreement between both clubs in the next two or three weeks.

For now, the agent of the right side, Jorge Mendes, is working to ensure a traspaso to a reasonable price or a cession, independently of the formula. The Barça knows that it can opt by a loan with an option of compulsory purchase, or with some conditions that would go in base to the quantity of parties or minutes that contest the side.

For now, the English conditions go through an outlay that would arrive to the 30 million euros, between fixed figures and variables, but is a quantity that does not contemplate in Can Barça. The Catalan entity concentrates in an operation that was around the 15 ‘kilos’, ideally without surpassing the 20 millions, but always thinking in a signing that execute in 2025 and no this same summer.

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