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Neymar opens up about his beautiful friendship with Leo Messi


Neymar Spoke recently for ‘Band Sports’ and confessed to be very happy by the titles of his team, the To the-Hilal, in this season. Besides, the Brazilian took the time to reveal that Lionel Messi congratulated him by the championship of the Glass of the King of Champions in Arabia, signalling that “we are happy the one by the another, he also sent me a message when we win a title here”, sustained.

Of this same way, explained that his relation with the Argentinian is very good and that has not changed from his period in the FC Barcelona. “I speak a lot with him, even yesterday it sent me a message. It is a big type, a mirror for me, is my big idol, besides is my fellow”, commented also Ney, leaving clear that his friendship could go on down a lot of years more, still when they could not going back to coincide again like mates.

The big trident of the Barça

Both players shared changing room, so much in the Barça as in the Paris Saint-Germain. However, where attained to mark a period was in the Catalan club. Together with Luis Suárez, formed one of the most fearsome tridents of Europe and attained agrandar the list of winners of the combined Barcelona, achieving a total of nine titles between 2013 and 2017, standing out an UEFA Champions League and two Leagues.

Neymar Has clear that Vinicius will carry the Balloon of Gold

By his part, Neymar also spoke of Vinicius and his present, explaining that “obviously, the Balloon of Gold is his. I am encouraging. I sent a message before the party, after the party. It is a boy to the that love with passion. Big fellow that gave me the football”, commented. “Surely it will be topped with the Balloon of Gold. It sees incredible, carrying the flag of our country by the world. We are very happy and support it”, expressed Ney on the forward of the Real Madrid.

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