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Pedri, Gavi and Gündogan, ‘protagonists’ in the interest of the Barça in Aleix García


Aleix García has gone back to go in in scene in key FC Barcelona. The sportive director, Deco, has confessed that it is a player that is in the diary and that it could be a key piece for the team. Him tantearon in January, but the Girona was not by the work to sell it neither the Barcelona had like paying his registration in LaLiga, by what the operation finished collapsing before they negotiated. In summer, could be distinct.

“I think that publicly Xavi has said that it likes him. With the loss of Gavi has been difficult to counter during the winter, depends on how finish the season, is testing the of Christensen of pivote, is a player more in the centre of the field. The assessments will do them of here to final of season. Aleix García is a good player and can be quite useful. But has agreement with the Girona”, said Deco after being questioned, in ‘Esport3’, by the possibility that the midfield player land sometime in the group blaugrana.

The rumours, that had begun to finals of 2023, have shot again. It is not casualidad and in the Barça have very defined the role that would have García in case of recalar in the team. ‘Sportive world’ has reduced it in three main reasons: Gavi, Pedri González and Ílkay Gündogan; three midfield players that have the confidence of the club on a long-term basis, but to which it is necessary to take care and protect.

The care of the Barça to Gavi and Pedri

In the case of the Andalusian, in the Barça take in consideration his process of recovery, that will be long and needs patience. It does less than three months had to go through the operating theatre to treat a complete break of the ligament crossed previous of the right knee and an injury associated in the lateral meniscus. It is not a ‘problem’ minor and invites to the culés to have a lot of prudence and patience. With Gavi will not risk at all, by what are had to expect him what was necessary. If it is not available, have García would be a solution.

In the case of Pedri, ‘MD’ aims that from the club follows the ‘fear’ by all the injuries that has suffered from the 2021, when it lived a season no rest in which it played 73 parties between the Barça, Spain and ‘The Red’. It is a footballer that, in spite of his talent and projection, tends to fall in the infirmary with ease and want to have a solution in the staff in case that it can not be available. Aleix Could adapt.

Gündogan Will not follow playing as much as now

Finally, in the City Condal give a lot of importance to the age of Ílkay Gündogan, that this year will fulfil 34 in October. It has turned into an indisputable in the team and, in fact, is the footballer that more minutes accumulates in this season… But the age does not happen in vain and in the next seasons will not be able to have so much load as now, especially because it follows leading to his selection, Germany.

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