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Pedri talks Nico Williams, Mikel Merino, Dani Olmo, Hansi Flick and Xavi

Barcelona midfielder Pedri has said that Nico Williams would be a spectacular signing for the Blaugrana, adding that he hopes this transfer will work out.

In an extended interview with Mundo Deportivo, the young midfielder talked about several aspects, including his take on Barcelona’s transfer targets. Pedri was first asked about his conversation with new manager Hansi Flick, to which he said,

“We shared a few words and he wished me luck for the Euros. I’m looking forward to the start of the season, to meet him and see how he goes. I’m sure he’ll do well.”

Pedri’s take on Nico Williams

The Athletic Club winger has been under the spotlight for a long time with Barcelona’s interest looming. As reported before, the team from Catalonia are in no state to go all-out for his acquisition and yet they continue to be hopeful.

Speaking about Nico’s links with Barcelona, Pedri explained that although they don’t talk about this much in the national team camp, he would indeed be a great signing for the team.

“We don’t talk about it much. It’s a decision that he and Barça have to make. There are a lot of things that have to happen,” explained Pedri.

“It is clear that he [Nico] would be a spectacular signing. We’re already seeing what he’s doing at the Euros. 

“Hopefully, he can be with us, but we don’t know yet because he has a contract with Athletic. Whatever happens, happens,” he added.

Pedri’s a fan of Mikel Merino and Dani Olmo

Apart from Nico, Real Sociedad’s Mikel Merino also happens to be on Barcelona’s wishlist. Speaking about him, Pedri said that Merino’s aerial ability is next to none as he rarely loses any aerial challenge.

Pedri is in awe of Mikel Merino and Dani Olmo. (Photo by AYAKA NAITO/AFP via Getty Images)

“Mikel is a player I like a lot in midfield. Especially in aerial duels. I’m always telling him that he can’t lose one. 

“He wins them all and then he is a player who puts his body in very well and covers the ball very well. He is a player that, when we play against Real, is very difficult for me. 

“He has many qualities, both with and without the ball. He recovers a lot of balls, he is a very complete player,” he explained.

Speaking about Dani Olmo, another Barcelona target, Pedri is of the idea that he would be a great fit given his history with the team.

“Dani is a spectacular player. Plus, he was already at Barça, so he already knows what Barça is. I hope he gets the chance to come, but he, Barça or whoever is going to sign him will have to decide.”

Pedri’s thoughts on Xavi

The young midfielder was later asked about former manager Xavi, who has now been replaced by Flick, and speaking about him, Pedri said that Xavi was someone who helped everyone in the team, especially the midfielders.

“He is a coach who has helped me a lot. He has helped all of us midfielders a lot. It was a hard blow not to be able to give him a title so that he could say goodbye as a Barça legend deserves. 

“These are stages that are coming to an end and now we have to think about Flick and that everything goes well.

Lastly, he also assured that although the current focus is on the Euros, the Barcelona team will give everything to the new manager to make it a successful season.

“First, we have to finish this Euro Cup as well as possible, hopefully winning it. Then I think it’s going to be a great year for Barça. 

“There’s a new coach and the squad will want to give him all their confidence. I think it’s going to be a good year,” he said.

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