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Pep, within striking distance of Barça in 2025? Guardiola is out of City if there is a sporting sanction

The Manchester City confronts to different possible sanctions that go from the economic until the loss of category in the English football. The Premier League arrived to this conclusion after an investigation of four years by part of the UEFA, an unprecedented case that could arrive him to cost a lot of points to the team mancuniano, and possibly his current project that leads Pep Guardiola.

Like this besides it has signalled it this past weekend, Keith Wyness, ex director of the Aston Villa and of the Everton. “What would happen in the case that they finish sanctioning to the City and all derive in a descent of category? It seems little credible, but no impossible”, asked Wynees, the one who has clear that “Pep Guardiola does not go to remain to direct to the team in the League Two (Fourth English Division)”, has said in the podcast ‘Football Insider’.

The answer of the exdirectivo does not seem to be any surprise, understanding that not even in the second division of the English football, another possible stage for the City, Guardiola would remain to try return to the City to the highest. Especially if we take into account that also a lot of footballers would finish going out of the club, similar to what sucedió with the Juventus in 2006.

Besides, Wynees added that “I think that have given him guarantees that there were not irregularities, but if that was not the case, would go . I am safe that it would not want to direct a team of the League Two, so I think that probably would go . It would not go him very well remain, is not true?”, it explained. It is necessary to remember that the Premier League accused the past year to the City of 115 financial infringements, with presumptive crimes that cover nine seasons (2009-2019), by what the club still has to confront to an independent commission, with the audience beginning in 2025.

This possible stage presents like a possibility for the FC Barcelona, although it was with a small margin. The Barcelona team, as well as other entities -and some selections-, will be very attentive to the process in front of the possibility that Guardiola finish remaining free and decide to take a new challenge in his career like trainer. The culés still do not have clear if Xavi Hernández could continue until 2025, by what would not be of the all impossible see to Pep returning to the City Condal.

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