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Punishment for one only! Bellingham Saves and Demiral is sanctioned by the UEFA


During the party of eighth of final: England-Slovakia, Jude Bellingham opened a controversy by a gesture that did. The player of the Real Madrid put his hands in his genital of obscene form to the bench of acting of the Slovakian group. Previously the midfield player had annotated a goal of Chilean that carried to the lengthen the meeting.

In front of the questions of the means after the party, the English tried to subtract him importance to the subject: “it Was an internal prank to some friends” answered. “At all more than respect by how played Slovakia tonight” soltó the mediocampista of the group merengue. In spite of the incident, the Federation of Slovakia did not interpose any complaint, although they criticised the behaviour of his rival in the lawn.

The gesture of Bellingham has not happened unobserved

The attitude of the exjugador of the Birmingham City caused that the European authorities of football agreed a fine of 30.000 euros and a threat of sanction if reincidía of here to a year. By means of a communiqué, the Committee of Discipline pronounced : “it decides fine with 30.000 euros to the player of the English Association of Football Jude Bellingham and suspend it by a party of competition UEFA to the that of another way would have right for violating the basic rules of behaviour“.

Also in the communiqué explained how would do effective the decision of the UEFA against Bellingham: “Said suspension will not execute immediately and will be subject to a period of proof of (1) a year from the date of the present decision” finalised the text. The footballer will be able to play the quarter-finals against Switzerland the Saturday after being warned by the maximum entity of the balompié European.

Demiral, suspended of two parties

The UEFA himself agreed to suspend to Merih Demiral by his gestures during the celebration of the goal in front of Australia in the party of eighth of final. Now the Turkish will lose the duel of quarter-finals in front of Low Countries. The Committee of Discipline has sanctioned to the defender afterwards that it did a gesture with both that asemejaba in command of a wolf, a symbol related with the movement ‘Ulkucu’, better known as ‘The Grey Wolves’.

The Turkish organisation by which was sanctioned the defence has been classified like Islamist, neofascist, terrorist and ultranacionalista. Even, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has reported that ‘The Grey Wolves’ have with more 12.000 members in Germany. It fits to stand out that the group was born like a branch of the Party of the Movement of the Ultraderecha.


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