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Real Madrid legend comes to Xavi’s defence following Barcelona resignation: “Football has no memory”

Xavi’s Barcelona tenure will soon be coming to an end. After winning La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup last season, the Spaniard has failed to impress the blaugrana faithful, and as such, has decided to leave the club at the end of the season.

The legendary midfielder returned to Barcelona at a turbulent time. The club was in serious financial turmoil, the squad broken, the board chaotic, and the stadium damaged. Xavi had quite the task on his hands.

Not only did he bless the fans with some spells of seriously entertaining football, including 4-0, and 3-1 wins against Real Madrid, but he also helped the team climb the Spanish summit for the first time in four years.

“Is it the club, press or fans? I think it’s in general. I don’t think it’s (our work) been valued enough. We have endured the pressure and we have arrived at one of the most difficult moments of the club and I prefer not to continue,” Xavi explained himself.

Since then, several big names including Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and several others have defended his decision, calling football coaching a thankless job more often than not.

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas is now part of this list. Speaking to MARCA, the World Cup winner talked about Xavi’s tenure at Barcelona and his decision to leave.

“The pity of football is that it has no memory,” Casillas started poetically.

“You don’t remember what you have been doing for so long. He has been a legendary player of the club, he has now participated as a coach at Barcelona, winning the league last season.”

“But football is so fast, and so imminent that they are already asking you for success again. Everyday. Every three days. Surely, he will have made the best decision for himself and his family,” Casillas added.

The Spaniard then went on to also talk about how Spanish football needs patience, especially when giving time to a legend of the institution.

“In Spanish football, we also need a little patience sometimes, and respect certain institutions, legends that can be in position where they give a lot of themselves.”

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