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Report: Barcelona board divided over the signing of €58 million-rated winger

According to a report by SPORT, Barcelona’s leadership is split on whether to bring in Nico Williams from Athletic Bilbao. 

As of today, it is no secret that the club is keen to bolster its left-wing attack this summer, eyeing Nico as a top contender alongside Liverpool’s Luis Diaz, who’s been impressing fans in the Euros with his skill on the pitch.

While many in management and are excited about the player’s potential, not everyone in Barcelona’s boardroom shares the same enthusiasm. 

Some board members are concerned about how he handled his contract negotiations. They feel he could have better managed his future, especially since he knew about Barcelona’s interest last year but chose to extend his contract with Athletic until 2027 instead of allowing a potential free transfer this summer.

Nico’s loyalty to Athletic Bilbao is a problem

Nico Williams is diving opinions at Barcelona. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

This decision, while seen as loyalty to his current club, has complicated matters for Barcelona, forcing them into potentially costly negotiations with Athletic Bilbao. 

As reported before, the club is unlikely to make it easy for any club interested in the winger, pointing to his hefty release clause of €58 million set during his contract renewal.

While acknowledging his talent and the boost he could bring to Barcelona’s attack under new coach Hansi Flick, these board members argue that his approach has put unnecessary strain on Barcelona’s finances. 

They believe his decision to stay at AthleticClub has disadvantaged Barcelona, who now face a tougher task in securing his services.

Interestingly, all this means Barcelona will eventually give up on their pursuit as not only is the transfer fee high, but even the player’s wage demands are extravagant.

In summary, Barcelona find themselves at a crossroads regarding Nico Williams, torn between his undeniable talent and the financial challenges posed by his contract situation. 

The debate within the club reflects broader concerns about managing resources effectively amidst competitive pressures in the transfer market.

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