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Report – Deco dedicatedly pursuing RB Leipzig ace who mirrors his own style

As Deco, the sports director of Barcelona, waits to figure out how to manage the team’s finances within the rules, he is already busy planning for the next season alongside coach Xavi. 

They are clear on the type of players they want to bring in and first up, at the coach’s request, is a pivot player, followed by strengthening the forward line. 

As per a report from Mundo Deportivo, Deco has two names in mind: Dani Olmo and Nico Williams

While getting both might be tricky, Deco won’t give up easily. It will depend a lot on who leaves the team, and whether Barcelona can stick to the financial rules where they can spend only what they earn.

Deco sees himself in Olmo

The outlet suggests that Deco really admires both players, but he is particularly keen on Olmo. He sees Olmo as perfect for the number ten position, but also versatile enough to play in various attacking roles and even as an interior midfielder.

What excites Deco most about Olmo is his on-field personality. Olmo is a dynamic player who sets the pace with his physicality.  

Barcelona want to sign Dani Olmo. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

He is hungry for success, a real fighter, and knows how to find the back of the net. Deco believes Olmo is even more attacking-minded than he was during his playing days.

Technically, Olmo is gifted, much like Deco was during his career. He is also a silent leader who leads by example on the field. 

Olmo will fit in Barcelona’s style

The sporting director praises Olmo’s intelligence on the pitch as he has a knack for anticipating plays and thinking ahead of the game.

At only 26 years old, Olmo has already had a remarkable career, showing a maturity beyond his years. 

He may come across as reserved off the field, but once he steps onto the pitch, his competitive spirit takes over. This quality caught the attention of Luis Enrique, who valued Olmo as an indispensable player. 

During the World Cup, Olmo played a significant role, ranking second in total minutes played, just behind Rodri. He showcased his versatility by dominating the left wing for the team, although he also contributed on the right side, as a false nine, and even in midfield.

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