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Report: Xavi turned down several coaching offers after Barcelona exit

Alfredo Martinez’s report in SPORT has revealed that Xavi did not intend to extend his coaching career at least for a year following his departure from Barcelona, driven by personal reasons to prioritise spending time with his family.

It is not that he does not want to return to the sidelines, but he wants to take an extended break before making a comeback.

The reporter mentions that since announcing his exit from Barcelona, Xavi has been inundated with offers from teams abroad, spanning Europe and the Saudi Arabian region, including interest from Qatar. 

Notably, prestigious European clubs aiming for Champions League success have also expressed interest. Despite finding these offers appealing and acknowledging the respect shown by potential suitors, Xavi has decisively turned down every proposal. 

Xavi plans to take a break

Xavi has been replaced by Hansi Flick at Barcelona. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

For what it is worth, his stance is firm: he plans to take a minimum year-long break to relish family life and recharge for future challenges.

The former Blaugrana coach remains eager to return to the coaching fray, feeling robust and enthusiastic about his prospects. However, he recognizes the necessity to pause after the intense period with Barcelona. 

This sentiment extends to his coaching staff, whom he has encouraged to similarly take a break and unwind from the relentless demands typical of a club like Barcelona. 

Xavi, demonstrating his commitment, has waived his salary for the upcoming season but insisted that his team be compensated for the final year of their contracts.

As a result, this came as a huge relief for Barcelona, as this saved around €12 million, which they would have had to pay otherwise.

In essence, Xavi’s decision reflects a deliberate choice to prioritise personal well-being and family over immediate professional opportunities, despite their allure. 

This period of respite is seen as essential for both him and his team to rejuvenate before potentially resuming their careers with renewed vigour in the future.

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