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Rest against Las Palmas? Lewandowski ended up ‘touched’ in the thigh with Poland


This Tuesday confirmed that Robert Lewandowski will be in the Eurocopa of Germany. The ‘9’ of the FC Barcelona achieved the classification with his selection in front of Wales (0-0, 4-5 p.) In a party that had to decide in penaltis after 120 minutes without goals. The ones of Michał Probierz had more the balloon that the venues and, although they did not attain to finish to door in all the party, himself that attained to mark his five launchings in the most decisive moment of the duel.

‘Lewy’ Commissioned to convert the first penalti to put the 0-1 partial. Afterwards they annotated Szymanski, Frandowski, Zalewski and Piatek, this last the fifth and definite thanks to the failure of Daniel James in the last penalti of the venues. But further of this celebration, could know that the goleador of the Barça returns to the City Condal with a strong hit in the thigh, added besides to the wear of this party and to the previous vs Estonia, in which it played the 90 minutes in spite of the goleada that achieved the Polish group.

Xavi and the Barça, with work for doing in the next 48 hours

Although the forward could annotate his penalti without some visible difficulty of that hit in his left leg, if that during the second time touched several times the zone and already in the extention could observe that it needed that they applied him ice to try keep the inflammation and pain to the minimum in the minutes that subtracted. Now, and although clearly it does not treat of an important injury, the Barcelona club has to value the state in which it returns his goleador for encarar the last two months of season.

In fact, next Saturday the Barça already has to go back to the lawn to receive to the UD The Palms in Montjuïc to the 21:00 hours. For this duel in front of the ones of García Pepper already will be necessary to see if Lewandowski, after two official parties very intense, is in conditions to compete or if the muscular fatigue needs a rest thinking in the PSG and in the Real Madrid during the increasingly near month of April.

Perfect opportunity for Vitor Roque

Besides, unlike the past season, Xavi has a ‘9’ acting that could assume the titularity without too much problem and allow that Lewandowski rest all the possible, even all the party in front of the Canarians if possible. Vitor Roque Comes with little prominence in March and besides was not summoned by Brazil in the stop, by what all seems to fit to see to the Brazilian from the start in front of a team that besides defends with the defensive line very far of his goal, something that a fast and dynamic player could take advantage of very well.

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