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Riqui Puig elogia the work of Joan Laporta and announces that it wanted to go back to Europe

Riqui Puig was one of the players formed in The Masia that more ilusionó to the moment of his irruption in the first team. It saw him like a midfield player that could mark a period, but was not able to keep the regularity and lived like one of the ‘fixed’ of the bench without mattering the trainer that was to charge. In 2022, it abandoned the club in research of opportunities and recaló in Los Angeles Galaxy, where has turned into an indisputable footballer.

The one of Matadepera has found the normality and tranquility in United States, but of face to the future no descarta the possibility to return to Europe, by his ambition. In a recent interview to the ‘Agency EFE’ has reviewed his actuality and also how lives the actuality of the Barcelona group from very far of house, taking advantage of for elogiar the work of Joan Laporta that, in his opinion, is the best president that can have the club in these moments.

The praise to Laporta and the plans to future

Riqui Has left clear that “I am culé from dwarf, with four years was partner. It is truth that knows me very bad see them have a bad time and more with the good relation that have with Joan Laporta. Right now the club has the best president that can have”, insisting in that ‘Jan’ “is doing it the best possible, think that is trying to solve the problems that had of the past. It knows badly, more when it is the club of my life, a magnificent club that all the world knows. Now they are in Montjuïc and the people of all the life is not going”.

On his future, further of his agreement until the 2025, Riqui has commented that “are in conversations with the Galaxy for the renewal. Yes it is truth that by personal subjects and of ambition would like me go back to Europe. Also I have to say that I am very comfortable, enjoying a lot of of the football, that did time that did not do it”, adding that it feels important in the team and that “the míster, the mates and the club give me confidence. Go to Europe see it now a bit far. I want to remain me some years, if I can mark a footprint inside the Galaxy, and that the people speak well of me”.

The ‘reunion’ in United States

In United States, has had the opportunity of reencontrarse with several players with which coincided in the Barça: Leo Messi, Busquets, Luis Suárez and Jordi Alba: “At the end of the party was in his changing room and do not speak a lot of this. It is an a bit delicate subject, more as it is the club in these moments. Neither I wanted to ask after this: no longer I am here, they neither, do not know if they would want to speak of this. They are in Miami, doing a new life, and I am in Los Angeles. It is a subject that remained separated”.

In this same order of gone, highlighted that “if they say me four years ago that go me to find to Leo, ‘Busi’, Jordi and Luis in Los Angeles, I playing in the Galaxy and they in Miami, in an inaugural party of the MLS, had said that it was impossible. But once here I happened it to me very well”, revealing that “with Busquets have very good relation, speak almost each week, with Jordi the same. They are people that carry in the heart and find them in the league was impressive. Also play against the best of the history, with which have shared four years changing room”.

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