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Sale or continuity? The current posture of the FC Barcelona with the future of Frenkie of Jong


It is necessary to trace back to 2022 to find the first time that the FC Barcelona gave by ‘sold’ to Frenkie of Jong, although the player at all times left clear that wanted to remain. They arrived to an agreement with the Manchester United for his traspaso by 85 million euros, between fixed and variables, but never received green light by part of the Dutch. Since, his name has been in the list of ‘possible gone out’ of the Barcelona group in each market of signings. During this summer, will not be the exception.

Although it seemed a folder that did not go to open, because Of Jong has manifested that his intention is to fulfil his agreement, that extends until the 2026, and triumph as Barcelona, new informations suggest that in the Barça do not ensure his continuity and that on the table is the possibility that it leave , if it arrives a suitable offer. It will be one of the so many ‘serials’ that will have the club during the next months and that, surely, will finish as in previous years: with the posture of the player imposing.

The Barça reopens the folder of the future of Of Jong

The case is that the Catalan picture continues seeing to Of Jong like one of the most attractive players of the staff in what to the market refers . They consider that they can take out a good ‘cut’ by his traspaso, although yes it would be very inferior to the 85 ‘kilos’ that asked by him in 2022. For the club, the possibility to sell him will be more present that never because, once again (and as in every year), will have to fix his accounts to fulfil with the Fair Play financial and inscribe to the players. Achieve a sale ‘fat’ would be the big solution for many of the problems of the Barça.

It is a very similar case to the of Ronald Araújo, another of the footballers that has been linked with an exit. Hansi Flick Already has communicated that has he for the season that comes, same case that Of Jong, but would not close to his exit in case that it arrive an attractive offer. They are two of the better players valued of the staff and of the few by which could take out important economic profits.

The posture of Frenkie of Jong

The Barça knows that, although they arrive offers, everything will depend on the plans of the player and, in the case of Frenkie, does not have intentions to leave in the short term of the City Condal. In addition to that is comfortable in the team and considers that it can keep on being important when it surpass the injury that left him ‘KO’ from finals of April, taking in consideration his familiar situation. It is very adapted in Barcelona with his woman and son, recently born, by what does not pose the option to change of airs and mudarse. At least for now.

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