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Sell, re-assign or recover? Barça is already testing how to resolve the future of its loans


It approaches the summer and the FC Barcelona has to begin to meditar on the actions to take with the eight players that will return of his respective periods of loan: Julián Araujo (UD The Palms), Álex Fence in (Raise), Ansu Fati (Brighton), Chadi Riad (Real Betis), Clément Lenglet (Aston Villa), Sergiño Dest (PSV Eindhoven), Eric García and Pablo Tower (Girona). They are similar realities, but at first sight, seems that will have destinations very different.

Those that could remain: Julián Araujo, Álex Fence in and Chadi Riad

On the one hand, they are the cases of Álex Fence in and Julián Araujo, two players that have stood out in his respective squares playing by the bands. They are two pieces that, by context, would not be surprising that the Catalan cast consider to have they for the next campaign. For example, the Mexican Araujo has had a big exert like right side in the UD The Palms, adding 25 commitments contested (1.485 minutes) and two annotations under the orders of García Pepper. Since the Barcelona picture does not have a lot of natural options in this right-handed side, apart from Joãor Cancel (whose continuity in the club still has not confirmed officially) and Héctor Fort, a youngster canterano that has stood out this season, would not be odd that the Barça consider to the native of Lompoc like an addition to offer competition in this position to a low cost.

Regarding Álex Fence in, the situation is similar. The one of Badalona already has consolidated like the left side title in the Raise, under the tutela of Felipe Miñambres, accumulating 22 duels faced (1.911 minutes). It would be a valuable option because of his low impact in the scale salarial, in addition to his good level of game. Equally, his incorporation could reinforce a position that, unless there are changes, probably only have Alejandro Balde for the next season, since it expects that Marcos Alonso go when finalising his agreement on 30 June 2024 with the picture culé.

Another case to consider is the one of Chadi Riad, player yielded by the FC Barcelona to the Real Betis in the past market of summer. The Moroccan has had a big performance, showing be a central left-handed with some conditions of flawless game, after having been partícipe in 22 parties (1.818 minutes) in this period with the ‘verdiblancos’. It will be necessary to see if the Barcelonan square decides repescarlo, since the combined Andalusian has an option of compulsory purchase by 3,5 M€ because of the fulfillment of some aims. Nevertheless, the Barça would have to invest 7 M€ to repurchase it, a figure that could be had to pay. Also it exists the option that the group blaugrana repurchase it for afterwards revenderlo to a higher price and obtain an economic profit.

Those that could be sold: Lenglet, Sergiño Dest and… Eric García?

There is other two names that all seems to aim that they would not have fit in the staff culé for the next campaign: Clément Lenglet and Sergiño Dest. In the case of the French, there are two points that play in his against. The first is the high impact that has his index card in the scale salarial of the club culé, which has been one of the reasons by which the Barça has showed more had to sell it and consider his cession. The second point refers to the ‘overbooking’ of defenders that has the Barcelona picture in his staff, which suggests that they will have to take decisions in this area of the terrain of game, being the native of Beauvais one of the main aimed.

His valuation of market and his wage could be a problem for his traspaso. However, the fact that it already have taken some regularity in his game in the Aston Villa under the orders of Unai Emery, accumulating up to now 22 commitments (1.801 minutes) and offering an assistance, remains clear that it can be an interesting tool and surely will have beaux.

The another name in this equation is Sergiño Dest. The American has turned into one of the names stood out in the diagram of Peter Bosz in the PSV Eindhoven, that at present leads the Eredivisie. The side has showed that the Low Countries are his zone of comfort, adding 33 duels contested (2.763 minutes), two goals and six assistances playing now by the left side. Everything seems to indicate that, as they go the events, the ‘Ranchers’ could exert the option of purchase that have by him, which rises to a total of 10 million euros. Nevertheless, the Dutch could try recess this clause, as well as the pretences salariales of Sergiño.

The interesting case of Eric García

With Eric García could exist feelings found in the FC Barcelona. Although the Catalan has positioned like one of the best head offices of this edition of LaLiga with the Girona, participating in 24 parties (1.938 minutes) and two annotations, what turns it into an active valuable, the ‘overbooking’ of head offices also could play in his against. Although it also would be an option to consider to have it even like pivote, his role does not seem of the all clear in the staff and, when being a player that also would have a lot of market, no descarta completely a possible sale, and even that the cast gerundense find the way to remain it in property of definite form.

Ansu Fati And Pablo Tower, candidates to renew his periods of cession

By his part, there are cases like the one of Ansu Fati, that all seems to aim to that they will have to face another period of cession, as it informed recently the ‘FCBN’. The young promise culé still is recovering feelings in his game and has accumulated 23 commitments (953 minutes), four annotations and an assistance with the Brighton. The one of Bissau is showing his talent, but seems that it will need another loan to follow having continuity in his career futbolística.

In this season, when it was in promotion and being an important player for Roberto of Zerbi, suffered an injury that left it offside during several weeks. However, no descarta the possibility that, if it closes the season to a level stood out, the FC Barcelona decide to recover it because of the fault of left extremes in the team.

To close, is Pablo Tower, a player that has not had the participation expected in his adventure with the Girona, accumulating 23 meetings (687 minutes), a target and two passes to goal. Everything indicates that the club culé, because of the abundance of midfield players ‘top’ that has in the staff, could try yield it again so that it continue winning experience in the First Division. It is worthwhile to remember that, because of his youth (20 years), considers him a project of stellar player for the future. Nevertheless, to the equal that occurs with all the players that return of his respective loans, his future will depend on the preferences of the new trainer that assume the bench culé in the next season.

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