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Sevilla axes Ansu Fati’s talent scout

Sevilla has decided to part ways with Ernesto Chao, a legendary coach known for his work with young players like Ansu Fati, Luis Alberto, and José Campaña. This decision is part of the club’s restructuring efforts under the leadership of José María del Nido Carrasco. The restructuring also saw the departure of former Barcelona player and Sevilla captain Fernando Navarro from the sports management, along with Emilio de Dios, who was Monchi’s right-hand man during his previous tenure in the sports department.

Ernesto Chao, a Galician who has been in Seville for many years, was the one who discovered Ansu Fati at a young age from a soccer school in Herrera, a town in the Sevillian mountains where his father had moved.

Chao expressed his surprise on social media. “This morning they reminded me of this news from nine years ago,” he shared, along with a post from June 28, 2015, when Sevilla’s youngest team won the Andalusian Championship, the League, and the Mundalito de Portugal (where Ansu Fati played his first games with Sevilla). “Shortly after, my club informed me of my dismissal, due to financial reasons, after 21 seasons. I leave with great sadness, but with my head held high. After 19 seasons in the youth academy and 2 seasons in the Security Department, I have to say that I have truly enjoyed working with all the players and colleagues. In the last 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful Security Department. You can’t imagine how hard they work and how talented they are,” Chao added.

The king of fair play

The veteran coach immediately received an outpouring of responses and messages of support, acknowledging his outstanding work with the Sevilla youth team. Among them was the recognition he received in 2011 throughout Spain for his fair play gesture during the final of a youth tournament in Azkoitia, the Iraurgi Cup, where he praised the efforts of the losing team, Espanyol.

The tournament champion was decided in the penalty shootout, of which Sevilla was the winner, but Ernesto Chao considered that Espanyol had been better and decided that they were the team that should collect the tournament winner’s prize. His gesture was highly valued and he received many recognitions as an example of fair play and promotion of the true values of sport.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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