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The 10 better head offices of the history of the FC Barcelona

The history of the FC Barcelona is written in the ‘boots’ of some of the best players that have stepped the terrains of game. Along his 125 years of history, legends of the sport have dressed the Barcelona T-shirt, consecrating as the ‘number one’ in his respective positions. The centre of the defence is one that has enjoyed of big names with the happen of the time, many of those becoming leaders and captains of the team in his moment.

The debate on who has been the best in all the history of the Barça never has left to exist, with figures like Paco Galician ‘erigiéndose’ as one of the pillars culés between the 60’s and the 70’s, Ronald Koeman being the manager of the first Champions League of the entity and Carles Puyol leading the, discutiblemente, better team of the history. It does some days, in FCBN did a survey so that our readers deliberaran on who has been the most important of all they. To continuation, review the results:

Carles Puyol (1999-2014)

The last ‘One Man Club’ Barcelona. ‘Puyi’ Initiated his professional career integrating the rows of the FC Barcelona B, where attained to contest more than 80 parties. In the season 1999/00 did his official debut in the first team, of the hand of the then trainer, the Dutch Louis go Gaal. From this moment, the captain turned into a ‘intocable’ of the team culé, contesting 550 parties in which it annotated 25 goals, achieving 21 titles in the Camp Nou and turning into the first captain in the history of the club in raising six glasses in a same year (Spanish League, Glass of Rey, Supercopa of Spain, Champions League, Supercopa of Europe and World-wide of Clubs).

Gerard Hammered (2008-2022)

‘Geri’ ingresó To the Masia in 1997 when it fulfilled 10 years, and after a brief go through the Manchester United and the Saragossa, the central went back to the City Condal to form a pair memorable with Puyol. In his season debut, Hammered consecrated like a key piece in the team of the sextete, announcing the period of successes that grieve was beginning. The footballer raised 30 titles in the 615 parties contested with the Barcelona T-shirt, in which it celebrated 58 goals and put his name between the best footballers that have stepped the Camp Nou.

Ronald Koeman (1989-1995)

Without the ‘Sergeant’, the history of the Barça in Europe would not know it as we do it nowadays. His goal in front of the Sampdoria gave him start to a ‘idyll’ that extended during years, in which it played a key paper. It arrived in 1989 pertinent of the PSV Eindhoven, turning into that then in the second more expensive signing of the history. Years later, would do with the captaincy of the first team, contesting 264 parties, annotating 88 goals and winning the status of legend when being the author of the so much that gave him to the club his first ‘Orejona’.

Rafa Márquez (2003-2010)

The Mexican is an alive sample of the feeling culé. The footballer landed in the City Condal in 2003 pertinent of the ACE Monaco and of inmedianto did a gap in the first team, standing out by his quality and polivalencia, since it also could exert like mediocampista. It was fundamental in the central saga of the team until arrives it of Gerard Hammered, playing an important role in the Champions achieved in the 2006. Nowadays it trains to the Barça Atlètic, where was near to attain the promotion to Second Division.

Migueli (1973-1988)

‘Tarzán’ Is one of the maximum leyedas of the Barça. It contested sixteen consecutive seasons in the first team blaugrana, being the fundamental pillar of the centre of the defence. With 549 parties, is the seventh player that more official meetings has contested in the history of the club, where stood out by his imponente physical, power, delivery and by the personality that turned it into all a leader respected by mates and rivals along the continent. Dressing the Barcelona T-shirt, raised 11 trophies and annotated 30 goals.

Javier Mascherano (2011-2019)

The ‘Jefecito’ won the affection of the barcelonismo to tip of a lot of effort and work. The Argentinian incorporated to the team of Pep Guardiola in 2011 pertinent of the Liverpool, and from the first moment had to ‘swim’ to ‘contracorriente’ to win a place in the entity. It happened to be midfield player to central defence and had the difficult task to accompany to Hammered in the centre of the defence after the withdrawal of Puyol, and fulfilled with grow. It achieved 19 titles in 333 parties contested and was one of the pillars of the triplete reached in 2015.

José Ramón Alexanco (1980-1993)

‘Popeye’ Arrived pertinent of the Athletic Club of Bilbao and was one of the big managers, being captain during a lot of a lot of years until 1993, that the club obtained 17 titles. In his first six seasons like culé was an indisputable in the centre of the defence, although an injury of meniscus ‘mermó’ his participation from the course 86/87. However, Johan Cruyff continued giving him importance in his staff, where was a leader consecrated and withdrew accumulating 400 parties like Barcelona in his have.

Paco Galician (1965-1975)

The Andalusian landed in the City Condal from Seville and from a first moment was ‘intocable’ for the club. Durante more than 10 seasons, the defender was indisputable headline, contesting 431 parties in which it achieved to annotate 24 goals. Besides, it raised five trophies during his periplo like Barcelona, in where it turned into a referent for the barcelonismo by his professionalism and sacrifice.

Paco Rodri (1958-1966)

Gone out of the Masia, ‘Rodri’ was a fundamental piece in the team directed by Helenio Herrera between 1958 and 1960. It achieved six titles in 237 parties contested, where conformed one of the solidest defences of the continent beside Ferran Olivella and Sígfrid Gracia. Besides, it fulfilled distinct functions inside the organisation chart of the club, as the ones of second trainer of the first team between 1970 and 1976.

Joan Segarra (1950-1964)

Big captain of the ‘Barça of the Five Glasses’, one of the best teams in the history of the entity. It contested 16 seasons in the first team, in which it played a total of 528 parties, turning into the ninth player that more split has played in the 125 years of the club. It stood out by his extraordinary class and elegance, being besides a joker that could act in diverse demarcations in function of the needs of the group, Dressing the Barcelona T-shirt raised 14 titles, accompanied of legends culés like Ramallets, Kubala and César.

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