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The Atalanta saves to the Barça of the bass drum 2 in the Champions League 2024-25


The Atalanta ensured a place in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League 2024-25. To his time, gave him a ‘help’ to the FC Barcelona by his victory in front of the Torino (3-0), that avoided that it finished in fifth place in the Series To, what had caused that the Rome, sixth in the table, took his contingent when being these already classified. This means that the Barça no longer can be displaced of the first bass drum by the ‘giallorossi’, although these have a better coefficient UEFA (101.000) in comparison with the Barcelona (91.000).

If the Atalanta remained fifth, the additional square that delivered for Italy for the next Champions, would have been for the Rome, since the ones of Bérgamo would have gone like champions of the Europe League. Now, when finish between the four first, the passport added for the maximum competition will be for the Bolonia that had a stood out season under the orders of Thiago Motta.

The team of the City Condal will integrate the bass drum 1 with teams like the Manchester City, the Bayern Munich, the Real Madrid, the PSG, the Liverpool, the Inter of Milan, the Borussia Dortmund and the RB Leipzig. Unlike previous editions, the culés will confront to two of these teams (excluding to the Real Madrid for being Spanish) in the phase of groups, as well as to two teams of the bass drum 2, bass drum 3 and bass drum 4.

The Barça, avoided to cross with the best of Europe

With the no participation of the Rome, the Barça saved to belong to the bass drum 2 in the draw of the Champions 2024-25, avoiding like this confront to some of the most powerful teams of Europe in the phase of groups. This privileged position will allow to the Catalan cast confront to rivals theoretically more accessible in the initial phase of the tournament, providing a crucial advantage in his way to the European glory.

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