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The Athletic will not give eases to sell to Nico Williams


Nico Williams aims to be one of the big protagonists of the market of signings, although recently it has gone back to reaffirm that it is very happy in the Athletic Club and that finish to renew. His performance has caused that several clubs are interested in his incorporation, included a FC Barcelona that carries several months insisting in his incorporation. Hansi Flick, new Barcelona trainer, sees him like a priority to reinforce the left extreme from the next season.

The player bets for following leading the picture bilbaíno on a long-term basis and from the club expect that it continue. In fact, it does some weeks Jon Uriarte, president of the Athletic, aimed that “have an impressive talent and is normal that there are players that arouse in other clubs and by the rumours can be with Nico. We are not to speak with rumours, Nico is happy in Bilbao and like this has commented it and we are very happy with Nico”, insisting in that “we do not loan attention to these rumours and us centred in and an attractive project”. To day of today, do not pose the sale of the player of 21 years.

The Athletic will not yield with Nico Williams

In any case, from the newspaper SPORT have informed that, in case that it open a sale regarding the future of Williams, there will be any ease for the Barça. It is worth it to remember that the extreme had agreement until 30 June 2024 and in the month of December decided to renew by three years more, until 2027, with a clause of rescission that rises to the 58 million euros. A mount logical for a player that aims to be one of the stars of the Spanish football.

The true is that the clause will not recess neither a euro. There will be possible negotiation and the club that want him, in case that it decide to leave, will have to credit the mount whole in an alone term. That is to say, it could not pay in several parts. The postuta of the Athletic is very firm and are conscious that yes there will be teams interested in negotiating under these conditions, in the hypothetical case that Nico want to do his cases during this summer.

The conditions of the Athletic ‘bump’ with the reality of the Barça

For the Barça is not a simple situation, in no case. It does not be necessary to overlook that, for the last big incorporations of the club, as it is the case of Jules Koundé (€50m), Robert Lewandowski (45+€10m), Raphinha (48+€12m) or Ferran Torres (55+€10m), have agreed the payments in terms very comfortable “” with the respective teams. With the Athletic, will not be a possibility and would have to disburse all the money in an alone payment if they want him. antoja As very, very complicated.

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