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The Barça has not taken the definite decision on the possible ‘goodbye’ to Nike


“Sometimes the easiest is not the best”, said Joan Laporta to describe the current situation of the FC Barcelona with Nike. Although the agreement is until 30 June 2026, with option of prorrogarse until the 2028, are many the rumours on the possibility to break unilaterally with the American company this summer or in 2025, with the option to bet by an own mark or negotiate with Cougars.

Joan Laporta has spoken in no uncertain terms inor na recicente interview to ‘Sportive World’. It has explained that everything is in the air and value the three alternatives: Follow with Nike, with the one who carry 27 years of commercial relation, bet by a competitor or an own mark. Still they have not taken the definite decision and do not put terms: When they consider it adapted, will communicate it to all the parts involved.

Laporta Explains the situation of the Barça

The maximum mandator blaugrana has explained that “is Nike and are competitors of Nike that are also interested. It is the market and the market is saying us that the Barça costs more than what have in the agreement with Nike. And afterwards it is the third road, the third road, that is to do it to us we. And the three are opened. It is a very important decision. They are twenty-seven years with Nike, have had periodic meetings, are having meetings, have done an effort that I have appreciated a lot but that is not sufficient and go to decide the best that was for the Barça, the best option. And in these moments have to say you that they are all on of the table”.

On the terms, indicated that they will inform it “when it was the suitable moment, when we think that it is the suitable moment. In fact, they have taken already decisions in this sense”. There would be problems over time of production and manufacture of the equipaciones: “there is not problem because it is a business that already know. Already we know where manufacture all the T-shirts and to the prices that go and the margins that there is. And the terms of delivery and the cost that have and the finance that represents the Working Main that says of joint production of the T-shirts and in this sense have it all very controlled”.

The ‘dart’ felt to Nike

Finally, in the advance of the interview has left a hard ‘dart’ to Nike after being questioned on if follow with them would be the easiest: “Sometimes the easy is not the best. And now what want to is the best for the Barça, as always. And it is that the differences are many and we in a moment of our history in which we are surpassing a very complicated situation, now that are in process of economic recovery, what can not do is to go down, the Barça has to have the best agreement of the market, but the best is the best agreement of the market, as I did I in my first stage. The agreement that have at present is not the best of the market and the Barça is the club that sells more T-shirts of the world. It has to have the best agreement of the market and if no, as fortunately we have other options”.

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