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The Barça market, the state of Vitor Roque, the absence of Gavi… Xavi speaks out


The present of the FC Barcelona is the most complicated of the current season. The start of the new year has not been at all positive for the team culé, so much to level of results as of feelings, having besides in account the delicate economic situation that lives the institution, and that right now limits him a lot the can reinforce the staff in this market of winter.

Especially this was questioned Xavi Hernández in his press conference of this Wednesday, in the previous of the Unionistas-Barça of this Thursday of Glass. As it was to expect , the Catalan was consulted on if the no possibility of fichar in the next days moves away to the club to win some title this season. “The Barça could not allow not competing. Neither the fans neither we could allow a Barça no competitive”, ensured initially the míster.

The Barça has to compete with some points that has against

“We are in a difficult situation. There are difficulties from the first day. It is necessary to be positive and give it everything. The situation is difficult, has to understand . But we are competing. Tomorrow it is a very important party… It is a moment of calm”, highlighted the trainer. However, Xavi himself that it wanted to leave clear that “have thrown in fault to Gavi. The injury of Gavi is a stab in the heart. It is a reality. Or the drop of Ter Stegen. They are important drops. Also Raphinha”, signalled.

“But that do not serve of excuse. That afterwards you say it to me. And the economic situation. But in that are. We will follow struggling and competing”, continued the trainer of the Barça, trying do a balance between the problems and obligations of his team. Already on time on Gavi the Catalan himself that went further and stood out that “his role is difficult, and only there is one. It is the soul and the heart of the team. But we have to be more competitive. We miss it”, it mentioned.

In this same line to review the staff culé, Xavi revealed the why of the absence in the field of Vitor Roque the past Sunday. “Had some annoyances and therefore it did not participate in the Supercopa. But it is well and tomorrow it will have minutes”, puntualizó the Catalan. Like this also it has been the explanation on Oriol Romeu: “it will participate. Tomorrow it can be very important. It will keep on being very valid”, ensured.

A rival that will not be at all simple for the Barça

With regard to the party in front of the team of First RFEF (Third Division), Xavi did not doubt in signalling that “we have to change the chip after the defeat of the Supercopa. We want to change the feelings and are favourite by the difference of category”, but remembered that “it deleted to the Villarreal, has potential. It is a difficult field. We have analysed the meeting with the filial. It will cost. For them it is the party of his life, and have to equalise and prowess. It will be difficult, but have hope in this competition”, resolved the egarense.

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