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The big danger of the Barça for the Champions League 2024/25!

The new format of the Champions League and the irruption of the Bayer Leverkusen, that is the fashionable team in Europe in this season, can finish prejudicing to the FC Barcelona of face to the next edition of the maximum European competition to level of clubs. If the ones of Xabi Alonso top like champions of the Europe League this year, would be surpassing to the blaugrana in the ranking of coefficient of the UEFA.

And it is that the distribution of bass drums for the liguilla will define of a distinct form to which are accustomed with the new format. Up to now, in the first bass drum were the national champions and the teams that had topped in the previous edition of the Champions and Europe League. From the 24/25, will be purely by the coefficient obtained in the last five seasons. And the Barça is not the best stopped in this section.

The wrap with the bass drums of the Champions League

The blaugrana occupy the position number 12, with 91.000 points. It is not a secret for anybody that, although this campaign reached the quarter-finals, come of marked years by the European disappointments. Without going further, remained deleted of the Champions League in phase of groups by two consecutive courses. They are by behind Manchester United, Chelsea and Rome, but these three teams will not participate in the edition 24/25, by what, in paper, to the Barça corresponds him go in in the bass drum 1 like ninth of the ranking.

However, this ninth position could peligrar depending on what happen with the Bayer Leverkusen this season. Have 88,000 points and with a lot of options of colarse in the final of the Europe League. They won to the Rome, of visitor, by 0-2, and hardly leave to escape the classification in the Bay Sand, next Thursday. The UEFA gives two points by victory, one by the ties and another for happening of round. Only with winning the turn of the ‘semis’ would be equalising to the Barça.

Another danger is the possibility that the Rome classify to the Champions by the Series To or winning the Europe League, considering that the Italian tournament will have five participants. They are in the fifth position, with four days for contesting . In case to achieve it, would achieve his place in the first bass drum displacing to the Barça and Leverkusen.

Remain in the bass drum 2, a danger for the Barça?

It is an important point of face to the next League of Champions, but no definite. It is necessary to take in account that, with the new format, each team will confront to two of each bass drum. If they remain in the first, will have seven possible rivals of the more ‘difficult’, whereas in the second will have eight possible rival. It is not a catastrophe, but if a ‘danger’ to the that the Barça confronts .

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