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The big gesture of Joan Laporta with the players of the Barça Femení for winning the Champions


If there is a section of the FC Barcelona that does not leave to offer joys to the institution, is the first feminine team. The culés, that carry a good time positioned like one of the clubs of reference to world-wide level, concluded a season 2023/2024 truly flawless when attaining a historical ‘poker’ of titles: the League F, the Glass of the Queen, the Supercopa of Spain and the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Precisely, the Barcelona have received a very good news because of the achievement of the League of Champions. Further of the prestige that supposes to top champions of this important contest by second consecutive year, achieving the third trophy of this type in his history and doing it at all more and at all less than against the Lyon, a group that had won them already in pair of finals of this competition, now the players of the Barcelonan cast will receive a remarkable economic prize for heaving with this big distinction.

The big prize that will receive the players of the Barça Femení for winning the Champions League

As it commented in ‘Relief’, in principle the Barcelona went to receive a total of 40.000 € for winning the Champions. Nevertheless, for joy of the culés, east mount will increase considerably, since Joan Laporta, president of the club, has decided to duplicate them the premium like recognition to this big attainment. Now they will happen to perceive a total of 80.000 € like bonus.

It is necessary to stand out that this premium surpasses the money of the prize that the team received for winning the competition in himself. For example, as they mentioned in the previously quoted media, the combined culé received 20.000 € for winning the Glass of the Queen and some 25.000 € for topping champion of the Supercopa of Spain. Instead, for imposing in the League of Champions, the Catalan picture received 1,4 M€.

The FC Barcelona reaffirms his bet by the feminine football

With this gesture, the FC Barcelona shows his satisfaction and support to the feminine football, a section that has given too many joys to the institution. This effort is even more valuable if it considers the economic situation by which crosses the club and that does not allow big costs, but that in this occasion was necessary to recognise the work of some players that, as it said Joan Laporta, “have been some heroines”.

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