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The Competition Committee will not forgive Raphinha’s gesture of solidarity


Raphinha Left a big detail after annotating the 2-0 definite for the FC Barcelona from the penalty spot. The Brazilian removed his T-shirt to exhibit a message solidario for the Brazilian state of Big River do Soul because of the grave floods that are suffering. This reaction supposed him a yellow card by part of the referee Squares Fernández, something that specifies in the regulation of the FIFA.

“In the minute 90 the player (11) Raphael Dias Belloli was admonished by the following reason: For removing the T-shirt, with occasion of the celebration of a goal. When removing it carried another inner T-shirt with the message “Pray for RS” on a flag of the Brazilian state of Rio Big do Sul”, reflected in the record. However, by the context of the situation expected that the Brazilian could be forgiven, but finally has not been like this.

The Committee will enforce the regulation

The reaction of Raphinha will suppose that Competition keep the yellow card, in addition to fining to the Brazilian and to the own club according to the article 96 of the relative Disciplinary Code to the celebrations. There, the Committee explains that “the/the footballer that, with occasion to having achieved a goal or by any another derivative cause of the vicisitudes of the game, heave his T-shirt and exhibit any one class of advertising, lemma, legend, acronyms, anagrams or drawings, are those that went his contents or the purpose of the action, will be sanctioned, like author/to of a grave fault, with fine in quantity of until 3.000 euros and caution, and like this certified it the referee/to in the referee’s record in the section of cautions or of incidences”.

Raphinha Showed his more human side and ‘carioca’

The forward culé, that fortunately did not see his fifth yellow by his celebration, only wanted to show his support to the region that saw to grow to the Brazilian footballer. At present the state suffers one of the greater environmental catastrophes of the history of the country. Right now the figures are of 147 deaths, 395.000 displaced, 1,9 million affected and 441 cities under the water, by what the ‘carioca’ wanted to have a detail with his, although equally it has cost him a yellow card and a fine of some 600 euros.

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