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The FC Barcelona goes back to value the possibility to offer him the ’10’ to Lamine Yamal


It is not a secret for anybody that the dorsal ’10’ is very special in the FC Barcelona by the players that have carried it in his back. The most important case was the one of Lionel Messi, the one who carried the number between 2008 and 2021, when it left to Paris Saint-Germain. With this number, turned into the best footballer of the history of the club and led to the Barcelona in his golden age.

It has not been easy to find to the successor of Messi in the City Condal. They tried with Ansu Fati during the same summer in which it went the Argentinian, but did not have a positive effect and the player formed in The Masia did not achieve to fulfil with the expectations. It came to accumulate a lot of physical problems and the pressure finish him winning the game. It left , in quality of loan, two years afterwards and now has his future in the air.

Weight ‘extra’… For Lamine Yamal?

The number weighs, more than the account, because they are many the expectations that have with the player that carries it. It does not be necessary to overlook that Messi, for example, did not assume the ’10’ until after four seasons in the first team. It carried the ’30’ in the 2005/2006, the ’19’ in the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 before inheriting the dorsal that carried Ronaldinho between 2003 and 2008. It is not little thing, especially because the one of Rosario already had 21 years and was a player much more ‘done’.

It is thus that results odd that, again, have rumours on the possibility that the Barça pretends to offer him the dorsal to Lamine Yamal of face to the season that comes, as they have explained from ‘memorabilia1899’ in ‘X’ (in the past Twitter). It will be his second complete year in the first team and will have 17. Although it has showed to be in conditions to assume the challenge, supposes a pressure ‘extra’ that, probably, does not need in this stage of his career.

The Barça has to analyse the possibility

It will be necessary to see which is the decision of the club, conscious that, to effects of marketing and sale of products, is very necessary to have a ’10’ in the staff. Already they had analysed it during the past summer and the situation will be the same. Lamine Is the only candidate, because it has turned into the big Barcelona illusion to short and long term, but will have to analyse it very well before awarding it.

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