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The money that FC Barcelona will stop paying thanks to the sale of Sergiño Dest


The FC Barcelona announced recently the exit of Sergiño Dest. The North American arrived to the combined Barcelona in the year 2020 pertinent of the Ajax by a total of 21 million euros and that now goes to the PSV Eindhoven, Dutch cast where was yielded during the campaign 2023/24 and that now carries it to him without leaving any economic compensation in the arks of the square culé. This yes, as it revealed the Catalan group, saved a percentage of a future sale of the player.

Nevertheless, in spite of the hurtful that can seem leave go to a footballer without obtaining any immediate economic profit by his traspaso, for the Barça is not necessarily a mistaken movement leave go to the native of Almere. It is necessary to take into account the impact that would have in the structure salarial of the team assume the wage of the American during this last year of his agreement with the institution.

The money that will save the FC Barcelona for leaving go to Sergiño Dest

In this point, suits to clear that, according to the metric of the portal web ‘Capology’, the North American side perceives an annual gross wage of 6 M€, of which the FC Barcelona had to pay the half (3 M€) in this season. However, if they did not attain to find him a new destination in this market veraniego, already was through a cession or of a sale, which was complicated because of the break of previous crossed ligament of his knee that suffered does some weeks and that will keep it offside until principles of 2025, would turn into an active little appeal for traspasar in this summer.

In this sense, for the Barcelona club is quite positive to give off of Sergiño Dest, since to the not having to inscribe it neither have his index card, will have a greater margin of manoeuvre to inscribe to other players that correspond. Nevertheless, what the FC Barcelona will not save is the amortización, since the mount paid in his moment to the Ajax to purchase his services distributed along the five seasons of his agreement. Therefore, to the American finish going out of the team without that it exist an economic compensation by part of the combined ‘Rancher’, there is not form to save this economic compensation.


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