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The prestige of the Barça model

Talent recognises talent and proof of that is the fact that current Fenerbahçe striker Edin Dzeko has chosen the Barça method for his son Dani to develop as a player at the Istanbul Barça Academy. The Bosnia-Herzegonvina striker has had a long and successful career playing at clubs such as Manchester City, AS Roma and Inter Milan before arriving in Turkey. Now based in the capital, he has chose the Barça method for his his six year old son whose talent is such that he currently features for the U10 side despite his small stature and young age. 

Dani Dzeko is a clear example of the attraction of Barça around the world. In the past the children of players and ex-professional such as Pjanic, Benati, Kameni and Biglia have attended the Barça Academy, showing the prestige and global recognition for which the Barça Academies around the world are well known. 

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