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The reason by which Laporta chose to Flick and the total bet of the technician by the Masia


Once finalised the season of the FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta has given the face to pronounce on the actuality of the Catalan club. The president has conceded an interview to ‘Barça One’ in where broke his silence and dió explanations about the arrival of Hansi Flick to the Barcelona bench after the exit of Xavi Hernández. The president exposed the reasons that carried to sign to the German trainer and showed very ilusionado with the new project of the team.

“We thought that the best for this staff was a new trainer, that believed in this staff and that thought that could win with these players to any team. Knowing that had an alternative like the one of Hansi Flick, that knows much more of what thought us we the current staff, doing the idea of what represents this staff, to us gave us a lot of confidence”, began explaining Laporta.

“Deco And Bojan had an interview with Flick to see if it was available to train to the Barça. Deco Brings us all positive reports, saw to a trainer with experience, with sense of the responsibility, how had to play: pressure, possession, recovery. They came very convinced. It is a serious man, responsible, mature. It is not a man that externalice a lot his emotions, but sees him very ilusionado. It transmitted us words of gratitude and of tranquility, that this will go very well”, continued the president, that sustained that Flick “will prepare very well physically to the players, so much those that play like which no” and that “ask him win and he said us that it can take him out a lot of performance to the current staff”.

Of the same way, Joan revealed some curiosity of the dinner that was supported by the technician the night before the germano signed like trainer of the Barça until June of 2026. “I gave him a letter of what was the Barça, that came to a club that is more than a club, that represents to a country, to some values, a club that is property of his partners, that have done an important effort not to put in danger the property of the club. It is a man that transmits good feelings”, confessed.

It tried ficharle before that to Xavi

The director desveló that his interest by the trainer is not recent and that traces back to his arrival to the presidency of the club. “We did not want to bother to the culé, try to keep this of a form that was not public. In my arrival, I had thought in Hansi Flick because had a meeting with the father of all this generation of German trainers, wanted to it fichar, but could not it do because already it had engaged with Germany. As a result of that Xavi said that it left it, he was here”, ensured.

On the other hand, Laporta explained that it is positive for the German technician not forming part of the surroundings of the Barça, although it left clear that knows the club more than what could imagine . “Already it knew a lot of what said him I, because the Barça is a global club and remained satisfied, besides has a house in Formentera, with what knows enough of the surroundings of here. His agent is Pini Zahavi, that to me knows me very well. It has transmitted us very good feelings, very good confidence, has very very prepared to his players, has won it all, has professionalism, is the technician that needs this team to go back to be winning”, stood out ‘Jan’.

The bet by the Masia

Finally, the president showed ilusionado by the plans of Flick with the quarry and the ‘jewels’ of the club. “The relation of points that I had to give him to know of the Barça one was the bet by The Masia, and is something of what he also participated in the Bayern. It has seen that have a jewel, of the players that come of The Masia, Balde, Fort, Gavi recovered, Fermín, Araujo, Lamine, Cubarsí… More Pedri, with this see it very ilusionado, because they are players of a lot of present and a lot of future. If to these add him to Gundo, to Of Jong, to Lewandowski…The trainer is very motivated to take out the maximum performance to this team”, aseveró.

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