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The request of the staff of the Barça to the staff of Xavi Hernández


The FC Barcelona faces the most decisive stretch of the season without options to fail. After a first very toneless turn, in which they left a lot of doubts and lived a worrisome defensive fragility, remained in a delicate situation in LaLiga and, to fault of nine days and a Classical of by half, are to eight points of the Real Madrid. In the Champions League, classified to quarter-finals for the first time from the season 2019/2020, the one of the ‘bubble’ of Lisbon.

The culés are conscious that the options to win something in this course go through to show a reliable version and for struggling to the end, although it seem an utopia right now. Have by in front a way complicated and full of obstacles, but has been the staff the one who has decided to step advance and ask that it increase the requirement so that they are more the positive results that can achieve of here to two months, in which they will contest the nine days of League and, a priori, the quarter-finals of the League of Champions.

The players of the Barça want to go to the limit

According to an information of ‘Què T’hi Jugues’ in the last hours, a group of players of the first team did an application ‘special’ does some weeks to the technical body, directed by Xavi Hernández, to increase the competitiveness and resistance in what it is, for the players, the moment to show cost it of the Barça. They want to go to by all and like this left it know to the staff, that have finished changing (and improving?) The dynamics.

Of agreement to this information, a group of players asked directly to the technical body that increased the intensity of the trainings in this final stretch of the season. It has coincided with the ‘better’ moment of the culés, that do not know the defeat from finals of January (the 3-5 against the Villarreal in Montjuïc) and that accumulate four parties followed without fitting in LaLiga, in addition to having tieed up the second square, surpassing to the Girona, and have classified to the following phase of the Champions.

Keep the rhythm in April, the big key of the Barça

The just dynamics after the return of the stop of selections will be the big key. Big part of the players are contesting only friendly parties in which the requirement, obviously, is a lot lower. Xavi Hernández and his technical body will have to find the formula so that they can arrive in perfect physical conditions to the seguidilla of parties that will face in these next three weeks, that will be decisive: The Saturday 30 March will receive to The Palms, ten days before travelling to Paris for the gone of the chambers of Champions. Without hardly rest, will travel until Cádiz before receiving to the PSG and, immediately, live the big Classical in Santiago Bernabéu.

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