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The UEFA reformula the income in the Champions to struggle against the Superliga


The UEFA, in front of the imminent set up of the Superliga European, has had to adopt different measures to go on doing of his main competition, the Champions League, an attractive tournament so much for the avid fans to see good football and stellar clashes, as for the own clubs, those who would need greater incentives, especially in the economic plane, where the Superliga European offers a financial proposal very attractive.

In front of this, further of the reforms that already has implemented the UEFA, remembering that it will set up a new format in the next edition of the Champions League, which will consist in a liguilla, with the inclusion of more teams (of 32 to 36) and, therefore, more meetings. In relation with this, the organ rector of the European football has taken a new determination that refers to the distribution of the income between the teams during the trienio 2024-2027, splitting of a mount total of 2476 million euros.

The new system of economic distribution in the Champions League

In base to the mentioned previously, has established a system of distribution in which it will do special emphasis in the participation of the clubs in the phase of liguilla, stipulating that between 25% and 27,5% of the mount total will deliver of way equitativa between the 36 squares. That is to say, that the combined could receive roughly 19 M€ by the simple fact to participate in the competition.

Equally, in function of the results obtained along the contest, will distribute between 30% and 37,5% of the mount global mentioned previously. It is necessary to remember that each group can perceive 2,1 M€ by victory and 700.000 € by tie, facing a minimum of eight commitments in the initial phase. After this first ‘stage’, the first eight teams will happen directly to the eighth of final according to this new format and will perceive 2 M€ additional each one, whereas the 28 remaining squares will receive a total of a 1 M€.

From here, to measure that the groups go advancing in the different phases of the tournament, will go increasing the economic prizes. When classifying to the eighth of final, the squares will receive 11 M€, 12 if they arrive to the chambers, 15 if they trascend to the semifinals and, finally, 20 M€ if they classify for the final. The victorious in the big final will receive 25 ‘kilos’.

The ‘market pool’ and the historical coefficients

Another appearance to consider is the ‘market pool’ and the historical coefficients, for which will distribute 35% of the mount global. This percentage corresponds to the rights of television and to the recent record of the teams in the Champions League, based in his results in the last ten years. This will benefit to the clubs that are usual participants in the final phases during this period.

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