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The way of the Barça to retell in the bets to win it everything


The FC Barcelona closed a difficult season, with a performance that was not to the height of the expectations during good part of the same, a back renaissance after the announcement of Xavi of his course, and a final disappointment in the key parties, in which although the team competed finish sucumbiendo, so much in the gone of chambers against the PSG, as in the decisive duel against the Madrid to shorten distances in the League.

After the turbulences by the vaivenes with Xavi, opens a new stage with Hansi Flick, the architect of the sextete of the Bayern, in which the directive has trusted to go back to implant a culture of the victory in CanBarça . The aim in definite would be the construction of an able team to reign in the betsto win it all, an aspiration that will have to sobreponerse to the economic limitations and to the extrañamiento of the Camp Nou, to the that this yes has foreseen go back for 29 November, although it was with a capacity limited to 60.000 viewers that would keep of agreement to the scheduled at least until June of 2026.

Opportunity to implant a new model

Crisis in occasions also is synonymous of opportunity, by what the economic narrowness that faces the entity for fichar can serve to reinforce the role of the players from the quarry, that is to say of the Lamine Yamal, Fermín López, Cubarsí and Héctor Font of recent irruption, joined to the Gavi, Balde, Araujo or to the same Pedri, although it was not strictly a canterano.

With them, there is a vertebral column of players, susceptible to expand with new incorporations from the Masia, to which would complement players that have to do cost his differential quality like Gundogan, Frankie of Jong, Rapinha, Joãor Félix or a Lewandowski in the twilight of his career.

Of this last listing, is likely that there is some exit by needs of Fair Playfinancial , and in case it was viable to do an important incorporation, already was in the position of half orphan defensive centre from the course of Busquets, or to lace the signing of Nico Williams, that would allow to the Barça gather to the two wings of the selection.

To make possible this operative in the market, has aimed the hypothetical exit of Araujo, Of Jong or Rapinha.

Further of what happen at the end with high and low, the true is that the model would have to be the referred, that entroncaría besides with the purest DNA Barça, that does not be necessary to forget completed a podium of players canteranos in the edition of 2010 of the Balloon of Gold, with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi.

Confidence in the own essences

This image is likely that achieve to repeat it the rival maximum in the next edition of the prizes, encaramando to Vinícius, Mbappé and Bellingham in the three first positions. Something that first of all will symbolise the new period of splendour of the white club, after lacing his doublet, with the enésima Champions in his vitrina.

But further of the visual power of this image, emerges a substantial difference, as it is the one of the talent fichado in front of the one of the talent created by the Barça. That has to be precisely the new vector on which project and erigir the new concept of team, that do not deceive us in any case will split of entrance like an outsider in front of a Real Madrid favourite to everything by own right.

But the purple also comports a weight, and these expectations to win it everything after the signing of Mbappé can play against, when it is necessary to contest each party against rivals in League and Champions hipermotivados by defenestrar to the rival to beat, waiting also of which cocktail forms the mix of egos of so many stars in the changing room.

The best senda that can take the Barça is to trust his new model, and go to the his, growing from the contribution of the collective, like team, something for what trusts a lot in the capacities of the new German technician.

With everything, will not suffice to grease a team, something that also attained Koeman and Xavi under his direction in some periods, with more success still in the case of the second that conquered a League. It will be necessary to install again in a culture of the victory, that that him leftover to the Madrid to win in the most committed situations, and of which carece right now the Barça, since it carries years disappointed in the key parties in Champions, with a long list of frustrations in which they appear stages tétricos like Rome, Liverpool or the own Montjuïc this year, by a lot that the team in this occasion yes competed against his rival, the PSG.

The best of the Masia with the añadidura of players of differential quality worked like a team cohesivo with winning mentality supposes a model to invest to future, and can await that the club occupy the peak of the echelon futbolístico, as it did it less than a decade backwards, when entronizó in 2015 in Berlin.

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