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Thiago considers future with Flick and Barça rumors

Since arriving to replace languages and the relationship with the workforce, Thiago Alcántara’s name has quickly gained attention. He showcased his skills while playing at a high level with Bayern (2019-2020) and during his seven years in Munich (2013-2020).

Now that the Premier League season and his contract with Liverpool have ended, Thiago Alcántara, at 33 years old, intends to keep playing. As we approach the end of May, the former Barcelona player has yet to make a decision. Barcelona has not received any proposals from him so far.

Thiago Alcántara hasn’t been able to enjoy football as much as he wanted in the past year due to injuries. Despite winning 26 titles throughout his career with FC Barcelona (6), Bayern Munich (17), and Liverpool (3), he is considering continuing to play unless persuaded otherwise.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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