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Thierry Henry or Kylian Mbappé? Robert Pirès leaves clear who is better of the two


Speak of Robert Pirès is to speak of one of the most stood out footballers in the recent history of the Arsenal. It played a total of 284 commitments, invoiceed 84 annotations and offered 62 assistances. To his time, is an emblematic name in the selection of France, with which won the Glass of the World in 1998 and the Eurocopa in the 2000. In his international path, contested 79 clashes, marked 14 targets and gave 18 passes to goal.

Nowadays, to his 50 years of age and withdrawn of the football, his name goes back to be mentioned occasionally because of his striking statements on diverse subjects related with the football. In this occasion, during a talk organised by the UEFA with the exzaguero English River Ferdinand, ‘D’Artagnan’, as it was known, took advantage of the opportunity to speak on Kylian Mbappé and compare it with one of the big prodigios of his period like player and with which had the occasion to coincide in the terrain of game in a total of 287 occasions.

For me, Thierry was better that Kylian Mbappé. It likes me Mbappé, but Thierry was a more complete player“, commented Pirès when putting to the historical exjugador of the FC Barcelona, ‘Tití’ Henry, a stair above his compatriot Mbappé in terms of quality futbolística. Besides, Robert did not doubt in situating to the current seleccionador Sub-21 of ‘Them Bleus’ in the podium of the best players in the history of the nation gala: “Only Platini and Zidane are better that Henry”.

It is not the first time that Pirès speech in ‘nail Mbappé’

It is necessary to stand out that this is not the first time that Robert Pirès does statements on ‘Donatello’. In fact, recently, when the exjugador of Paris Saint-Germain aseveró that the Eurocopa presented an a lot greater difficulty that contest a Glass of the World, the exjugador of the Arsenal answered of conclusive way: “I think that what wanted to say Mbappé was that win this competition is very complicated, but think that if tomorrow we go to play the Glass America would suffer“, highlighted in an interview for ‘ESPN’.


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