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Three hour journey to train

The Chicago Barça Academy has its won Xavi Hernández, however, in this case it is not the Barça coach but an 11 year old player who goes to the extremes to become the best player he can thanks to the training methods at the Barça Academy. 

Xavi and his family have to travel three hours for him to be able to train a the Barça Academy Chicago. Due to the long journey, they have had to request special permission from his school for him to leave early to be able to make it to the city in time for the sessions. His presence at training and the sacrifices he and his family are willing to make so Xavi can develop as a player are a show of their commitment. 

Six hour round trip to train

The lengths the young player has to go shows his commitment to the Barça model and that of his parents who make the sacrifice so he can develop in the Barça style. 

Passionate and dedicated, Xavi is a clear example of the passion that football arouses and its ability to overcome all obstacles, like a three hour journey, which becomes simply a route to sporting excellence. 


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