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Unionistas manager ready for Barcelona challenge in Copa del Rey: “Of course, we believe”

After a rough final in the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona return to the field on Thursday night, this time in the Copa del Rey. Having conquered the challenge from Barbastro, they will take on Unionistas in the next round and are one of the only first-division teams playing a lower-ranked opposition.

The pressure is very much on the Catalan side after the embarrassing defeat to Real Madrid, and nothing short of a convincing victory in the Copa del Rey will help soothe their wounds.

Unionistas manager Dani Ponz spoke to the media ahead of his team’s historic meeting against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and his press conference reflected nothing but confidence.

Despite his men starting as the underdogs, at no point in his interaction did the manager show any signs of intimidation.

“Some opportunity exists. Of course, of course, we believe. Our match plan is to try to win it, as it has always been, more would be missing,” he said about the impending clash against the defending Spanish champions.

The manager went on to detail playing Barcelona as a special moment and how the club were planning ahead of the gargantuan, yet momentous clash.

“We have more stimuli and the last few hours will be more intense, of course, but the methodology is the same. We are more rested and we can enjoy these moments more. When the game starts, we want to take it to the highest level.”

When asked if he or his men were suffering from any pre-match nerves ahead of the clash against Barcelona, the manager said,

“The truth is that it doesn’t. We are treating it with the seriousness and professionalism to which we are accustomed. Tomorrow the team will leave with the utmost ambition and enthusiasm.”

He then went on to highlight how Barcelona was a global brand in itself with fans across the globe, thus extrapolating the importance of his team’s clash against Xavi’s men.

“It is a game with great repercussions, it will be historic and it has changed many people’s lives. These types of circumstances change your life and some can happen to you. It’s historic at all levels and with that’s all said.”

Ponz then compared his team’s preparation ahead of the clash against the Catalan giants to be similar to a famous Spanish show and stressed the importance of maintaining a surgeon’s precision on the night.

“Stimming a blow like the one in ‘La Casa de Papel‘ has to be perfect. A maximum level of precision, not making mistakes and the few weak points that Barcelona has, having a surgical precision.”

“Due to its level of play, it is very difficult to find fissures. It is a very complicated team and the plan has to go perfectly if we want to have an option,” he added.

Speaking about the players at Xavi’s disposal, the sheer quality and impact on the world of football, the Unionistas manager said,

“They are all exceptional, impressive. Any player who comes with the Barcelona shirt will have an extraordinary level of starters in the First Division.”

Finally, he gave his two cents on the possible repercussions a Unionistas win would have on the night with several sources stating that Xavi is close to a sacking.

“I don’t think Xavi’s thing is going to be like that, his project goes further. I don’t think it’s going to be like that.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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