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Why Germany’s elimination from Euro 2024 is good news for Barcelona

Germany’s exit from Euro 2024 signals a pivotal moment, particularly for Barcelona. The impending retirement of key players like Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, Ilkay Gündogan, and Toni Kroos from international football could reshape dynamics at both club and national levels. 

For Barcelona, in particular, this shift brings potential benefits that could significantly impact their upcoming season.

Neuer, a stalwart in German football, is nearing the end of his illustrious international career. His retirement would mean more opportunities for Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who has long played second fiddle at both national and club levels. 

Ter Stegen’s resurgence could catalyse his performance at Barcelona, finally stepping out from Neuer’s shadow.

Gundogan’s decision is crucial for Barcelona

Gundogan, another pivotal figure, is also contemplating the end of his international career. His potential retirement would mean increased availability and focus at Barcelona, where he remains under contract until 2025. 

Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Ilkay Gundogan will return to Barcelona soon. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Last season, he was instrumental for Barcelona, leading in appearances and playing time and as reported before, Barcelona were beginning to worry about his number of appearances

His decision to prioritise club over country could bolster Barcelona’s midfield stability and performance in domestic and European competitions.

Boost for Barcelona

Gundogan’s potential departure from international duty not only streamlines his focus but also allows him to recover and prepare earlier for the upcoming club season. 

For Barcelona, this could translate into a more cohesive and energetic start to their campaign, leveraging the experience and skill of players now freed from national team commitments.

Moreover, in the shorter term, Germany’s exit from the competition means Ter Stegen and Gundogan will now return to club duties with the pre-season tour looming. Having two veterans at his side would be a significant boost for Hansi Flick.

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