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Will the three end up at Barça? Gündogan ‘surrenders’ to Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal


The midfield player of the F.C. Barcelona Ilkay Gündogan did not doubt in elogiar to Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal. In some statements conceded to the half ‘Sportive World’, the German affirmed that it was admirable the attitude and the performance of both footballers: “they Are young players that apparently play without pressure in the big stage”. Act followed, said that “ojalá” he had had the same behaviour of the two youngsters to his age.

From it does several weeks Nico Williams has hoarded the focus of the means and the attention of the fans because of the possibility of his incorporation to the F.C. Barcelona to reinforce to the group. However, still the subject has not been confirmed. In this context, Ilkay Gündogan took advantage of the occasion to comment that the extreme of the Athletic Bilbao had a lot talent to the equal that Lamine Yamal.

The German captain applauds the ‘brave approach’ in the game of Nico

In the statements to the half quoted previously, Ilkay Gündogan also applauded the work of Nico Williams by his “brave approach” in the game. Even the midfield player of the group culé recognised that Lamine Yamal had a similar dynamics to the one of the player of the Athletic Bilbao. The one who went player of the Borussia Dortmund added that the forward of the F.C. Barcelona was “a fantastic player” with alone 16 years.

Nevertheless, Ilkay Gündongan cleared that the forward culé could keep on being the same to sportive level when be 20 years old. The midfield player remarked that Lamine Yamal probably was one of the best players in the actuality. In his statements, the German left to glimpse his complicity with the youngster when it affirmed to the half: “I Have enjoyed a lot with him this season, has a big future by in front”.

The mediocampista thinks that is important ‘protect’ to Lamine Yamal

On the other hand, Ilkay Gündongan commented that it was very important “to protect” to Lamine Yamal in the future. The interviewed remarked that at present it was accumulating a lot of pressure around the player of the F.C. Barcelona, something that according to him could prejudice to the young. It fits to stand out that so much the forward of the culés like Nico Williams have done that the fans go back to ilusionarse after a season complicated.



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