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Xavi talks Girona, Pedri, Lewandowski, Roque, Garcia ahead of Barcelona vs Girona

Had El Clasico gone in Barcelona’s favour, the team’s clash against Girona tomorrow would have been eyed as a big step towards staying alive in the title race.

After all, Michel’s side have enjoyed a stupendous season in La Liga and sit in third place after 33 rounds of the tournament.

As it stands, however, the game between Barcelona and Girona tomorrow can only decide who will finish the league in second place as Real Madrid have virtually won the title.

In fact, they will officially be crowned champions tomorrow if Barcelona drop points and they take all three points against Cadiz.

Speaking to the media ahead of Barcelona’s clash against Girona, Xavi praised the opposition giving them full credit for their special season.

“This will be a vital match. Their confidence is through the roof, we must congratulate them, their season is magnificent at an extraordinary level.”

“A Girona of champions. It will be an intense match, they have a lot of mobility on the pitch and are fantastic in one-against-one. It has been an exceptional season,” he added.

On Saturday’s game

The manager also went on to highlight the difficult challenge that lay ahead of the team for the weekend, reminiscing the complicated game that unfolded between the two sides earlier this season.

“There is no rivalry with Michel but we seek revenge for the first round. They were very forceful, we did not adjust well, we did not defend well in the area.”

Xavi is seeking revenge (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

Xavi then spoke about how playing for Barcelona and Girona could never be equated, especially considering the expectations and high standards of success at the Azulgrana club.

“It is not the same to play for Girona as for Barça. You have more peace of mind. I don’t know if they would adapt here, they have quality players who have played very good football.”

Speaking about Eric Garcia, who is currently on loan at Girona, Xavi insisted that he counted on the player for next season.

“He had a place at Barça. He didn’t want him to leave, it was a matter of fair play. We want him to come back.”

Finally, he praised his team for making a comeback in terms of form in recent months and admitted that there was conspicuous improvement.

“We have been competing very well for three months. We have improved in many facets. The way we are competing lately, this is the way, there is no other.”

On his players

The manager was first quizzed about the rumours linking Robert Lewandowski with a move away from the club in June, saying,

“If he understands criticism, he has to understand if it comes from the coach. We value Lewandowski a lot and for the future, we will decide at the end of the season.”

On Vitor Roque, he maintained that the youngster would get his chances with the team in due course of time.

“What can happen is that he recovers and is available. There are five games left, he is a Barça player. We will talk at the end of the season.”

Roque’s future is open: Xavi (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

He also gave his two cents on a former Girona player on loan at Barcelona, Oriol Romeu, who has gone under the radar in recent months.

“It is not only the pressure, he started very well. Then he participated less, also due to injuries, and then we chose others. We have chosen others in the end. It’s about performance.”

The Barcelona manager also took the chance to publicly back Ronald Araujo, who has faced immense criticism for his error against PSG.

“Football is a game of mistakes, it is a matter of minimizing them. These are specific situations, not just Ronald, I don’t think it’s because of the contract issue,” he said, also addressing the player’s future.

Xavi wound up his interview by giving his views on two of the team’s young midfielders, Fermin Lopez and Pedri.

“Fermín is a great discovery, we saw him in 2-3 training sessions. We liked him, he is an important breakthrough, he is dynamic, and he has arrived. He is a Barça level player. He is a source of pride, we have trusted him.”

“It is an idea to play with four midfielders. This season we have seldom had four to five midfielders available. He is ready to compete, he is fully recovered,” he added on Pedri’s situation.

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