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Personalized Charge & Minute Plan for Lamine Yamal


The football like sport, and especially in the elite, has converted increasingly in a physical sport and that needs to accompany the natural talent with a preparation that go further of the sessions of work of the teams of 1, 2 or 3 hours, as it was the moment of the season. It is thus that right now the FC Barcelona has clear that a player like Lamine Yamal has to work his physicist of a very personalised way, trying move it away of the injuries the maximum possible.

It is thus that exists a specific plan for cases like the one of the extreme: a player still in training. And it is that if to the 17, 18 or 19 years of age is used to take care to the youngsters so that they finish his physical training and futbolística of the best way, to the 16 is that simply still is a player that would not have to be prepared for the elite. It is thus that every time remains more than clear that Lamine simply is an out of series, by what his plan of physical work has to be like this of atypical also.

Lamine Has had an impressive growth in less than a season

‘Sport’ Aims that in the Barça contemplate the specificities of each footballer and in front of Yamal that is in full development will avoid at all costs a new ‘case Pedri’, so much in the accumulation of minutes like the demorar so much the physical growth of the Canarian regarding physical bottom and muscular mass. It is thus that in less than a year already has seen such impact and change in the body of the left-handed forward, growing almost some 10 centimetres and winning almost 10 kilos of muscular mass.

During these months Lamine has done a work to win muscle but with some loads adjusted to the body of a player of his age. Like this, so much the Barça like the RFEF know the importance to take care to Lamine although, if it was by him, would play it everything. In this sense, no only treats of a training that adjust to the development of his body, but also control the stress that supposes to have to assume some responsibilities that is not normal for a boy of 16 years.

This way has to be the gone on down the Barça, especially in a summer in which the youngster seems that it will be to title in his first important tournament like international absolute in the Eurocopa of Germany. It would not have to extrañar that if there are not options in LaLiga, the forward finish practically without playing in the last 3 or 4 parties of the season, more still if no longer there is Champions League, in the case that the Barça do not surpass the quarter-finals in front of the PSG.

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