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Ancelotti, critical of his players and their approach after the terrible game against Leipzig


Carlo Ancelotti appeared in front of the media after the classification of his team to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The technician of the Real Madrid accepted the superiority of the rival in a party in which the whites suffered almost the last half hour of party, although it ensured to be “happy” for advancing to the chambers. The míster equally ‘wetted’ with the whistles of the fans in the rest, signalling that “the criticism when it is deserved have to accept it. Today it is deserved. The whistles in the first part are deserved. They have woken up us and we have played better the second part”, mentioned.

“It has been a bad party, badly played, with little intensity and with a lot of worry”, recognised the Italian trainer, that aimed to the obsession of his footballers for keeping the 0-1 of the party of gone. “The psychological appearance has conditioned a lot. The rival has played without at all that lose and we have been with the brake from the beginning at the end and have suffered”, explained Carletto.

The Madrid has showed like a full team of fear

Ancelotti Explained that his decision to initiate the party with five midfield players to avoid precisely fall in a slow game and without dynamics. “The idea was presionar more with midfield players of energy, but have played very braked, controlling too en bloc low, without presionar, very slow with balloon, with little verticality. It has not been a good night, is evident, but the important is to be in chambers”, sustained.

“Sometimes it can happen. It happened us in 2021 against Chelsea. It can happen a bad party, but sometimes remain you was. Never we have been out of the eliminatory, because we always have had a goal of advantage”, added the Italian. The trainer of the Madrid insisted in the mental appearance to explain the bad party of his team. “When have a small advantage do not go to tope, whereas the Leipzig has tried it to the end. It is necessary to value calmly what has happened. But we are in quarter-finals and have seven points of advantage in the League”, resolved the madridista.

Ancelotti Spoke clear of his problems with Inland revenue

Ancelotti Also tackled the another subject of the day, this request of the fiscalía of four years and nine months of prison by a fiscal fraud of something more than one million corresponding euros to the exercises of 2014 and 2015. “This is an old history. The fiscalía thinks that I was resident in 2015 and I think that was not it. The fine is paid and the case is in hands of my lawyers. I am convinced that I am innocent. We go to see what decides the judge”, explained.

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