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Barça and PSG ‘planted’ Movistar for an unfortunate racist comment by ‘Mono’ Burgos


A racist comment of Germán ‘Cute’ Boroughs on Lamine Yamal did that the footballers of the FC Barcelona ‘planted’ to ‘Movistar Plus’ after the party that the ones of Xavi Hernández won to Paris Saint-Germain in France (2-3). The comment of the ex Argentinian goalkeeper did not take in viralizarse, by which the Barcelona directive decided ‘veto’ to the Spanish channel.

During the previous of the party, when the players heated on the field, the journalist Ricardo Sierra praised touch them of Lamine saying: “it Looks that quality, looks that toquecitos of Lamine Yamal”. Act followed, the Boroughs answered: “If it does not go him well it finishes in a semaphore”. “The football is like the life”, a comment that generated laughs between his mates.

Boroughs dispulpó by his regrettable comment

When finalising the party, in front of the decision of the footballers and of the Barcelona technical body to veto to ‘Movistar’ in the mixed zone, the ex assistant of Diego Simeone in the Athletic of Madrid excused by his comment on the canterano. “It has been a comment without treating to injure to anybody. If somebody felt offended apologise public. In these periods it is necessary to adapt to everything and in this are”, said the Argentinian on the incident.

The ‘sapling’ culé was retorted by the players of Paris Saint-Germain and had the seen well of the UEFA, since both clubs notified to the maximum European body his decision of not speaking with the Spanish channel because of the comment of the ‘Cute’. For ‘Movistar’, the incident can have important consequences to short and average term, since the channel has the exclusive rights in TV of the Champions in Spain.

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