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  • The player price includes: match ticket + Photography with the team.
  • The payment of the budget will be made by bank transfer.
  • To do the photo* activity, you will have to arrive 2 hours before the start of the match.
    • *In case of exceeding the limit for the pre-match photo, the post-match photo can be taken (we will inform you in advance).
  • The location of the groups can be chosen between: 
    Z3 UPPER – Z4
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  • For any questions or doubts you may have you can contact either by email: es***********@fc*********.cat or by whatsapp: 679398379



  • TEAM PHOTO: The group of children will take a photo with the team before the start of the game.




  1. Arrival time: You will have to arrive at least 2 hours before the start of the match, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the taking of the photo.
  2. Parking: Due to ongoing construction at Spotify Camp Nou, PARKING INSIDE THE FACILITY IS NOT AVAILABLE. You can find all the mobility and parking options we offer for attending the game at this link. If you plan to arrive by coach, starting from October 27th, an exclusive blue zone for coaches will be operational on Carrer Martí i Franquès. This aims to regulate both the loading and unloading of passengers and the parking of vehicles that, due to their characteristics and the services they provide, have very specific and unique needs. Users of coach spaces, both for STOP and BLUE ZONE, can find all the available and detailed information on the following website: www.zonabus.cat provided by the Barcelona City Council.
  3. Meeting point: Upon arrival, the whole group will go to the FC Barcelona Offices (point 6 on the map), where the FCB SCHOOL monitors will be waiting for you and will help you. Parents/companions must wait in a specific area and separated from the children.
  4. Ticket collection: Once you are with the FCB SCHOOL staff, those responsible for each group will enter the offices to collect the tickets and the shirts. It is important that the children are at the meeting point to speed up the delivery of their shirts.
  5. Belongings: To carry out the activity you cannot enter the track with bags, jackets, backpacks, food, drinks, or notebooks to ask for autographs from the participants in the activity. They must leave it with the companions or in the offices, once the photo has been taken, they will be able to look for them again.
  6. Photo: When you are ready (1 hour and 15 min before the game), the FCB staff will provide you with instructions for starting the activity and accessing the court. It is important, in that time, the parents or companions being away avoiding the crowds, and let the players start the activity. Only the staff and minors will be able to access the Palau for take the photo.
  7. Behavior on the court: Remember that the team will be warming up and the players need concentration, during the time you are on the court you must have a good compartment, avoiding shouting and any action that can distract the players. In no case can autographs and photos be requested with the players (even if they have not started warming up or are dressed for the street), in the same way the use of the mobile phone can only be used until the moment of the photo.
  8. Leaving the track: : Once the photo has been taken by our photographer and the activity is finished, it is very important that you help us to remove the children from the track as quickly as possible to Rampa Sud.



  • Players/children are all those under the age of 18. All persons over 18 years of age and who do not carry out the activity are companions. All attendees of the group must have their corresponding ticket to be able to see the match.
  • Payment will be made by transfer at the time of registration.
  • Ticket collection will take place on the same day of the match.
  • Once the tickets are paid for and, therefore, printed, there is no possibility of exchange or refund.
  • If during the activities any person/s of the group do not follow the instructions, the FC Barcelona staff reserves the right to take the appropriate measures and exclude them from the activity if it is considered necessary.
  • 1 coach for every 12 players will be able to participate in the activities.
  • The Photo activity is recommended for children over 3 years old. If a child under that age participates, FC Barcelona reserves the right of admission.
  • This activity is for children over 11 years old. If a child under that age participates, FC Barcelona reserves the right of admission. This activity is designed for clubs that practice the sport in question, not for other group profiles.

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