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Barça shells out big bucks for Vitor Roque every half year

Vitor Roque is now in the early stages of his journey at FC Barcelona. The 19-year-old Brazilian forward has played 239 official minutes across 11 games, scoring 2 goals so far. He has a long contract with Barça until 2031. Roque, who was signed from Athletico Paranaense during the winter transfer window, filled in for Gavi during his extended absence. The details of the transfer, including the financial aspects, have been covered by MD, with agent André Cury confirming the terms in a recent interview with RAC1. Cury highlighted the success of the investment and explained the payment structure between Barça and the player’s former club.

“Barça pays 5 million euros every 6 months until it reaches 31 million euros in total,” the agent confirmed. Cury also mentioned the performance-based variables agreed upon by Barça and Athletico Paranaense. “For all the bonuses to be met, Vitor needs to be a regular starter,” he cautioned, emphasizing that if this condition is met, it will benefit Barça due to the increased value of the player.

“If he becomes a regular starter at Barça by the age of 20, his value would be 200 million, no doubt about it,” he stated, outlining the potential bonuses. “One million euros for the Ballon d’Or and 2 or 3 million for being among the top 3 in FIFA rankings. The rest is for being a starter in at least half of the games,” he elaborated.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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