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Barcelona boss Xavi reveals Gavi’s injury recovery is “better than expected”

Barcelona have dealt with a frightening number of injuries this season, and one of the biggest has been Gavi’s season-ending ACL tear suffered while in Spain duty last November. The young midfielder has been sorely missed since, and he’s not expected back until next season.

Xavi Hernández was asked about Barça’s number 6 in a press conference on Saturday, and he revealed Gavi has had no setbacks in his rehab process and has been around his teammates quite a bit as he continues his recovery.

“It’s going very well, better than expected, but Gavi is good, he would like to be there now, but he can’t. He’s making a textbook, textbook, perfect recovery. He’s happy, he’s taking it on, I see him very involved with the group. Despite not being on the field, he is a very important person for the group.”

Hearing that Gavi has had no setbacks and is making a “textbook” recovery is huge news. ACL injuries are not as career threatening as they used to be thanks to the advances in medicine, but they are still pretty brutal and a patient, well-executed recovery is key for the player’s ability to return to their best after an extended absence.

It’s also lovely to learn that Gavi is in good spirits and providing motivation and support to his teammates. Gavi doesn’t know any other way but to go 100%, and he’s clearly attacked his rehab with the same intensity as he shows on the pitch. Gavi should be ready to go by the time next season arrives, and Barça will have a new manager who will certainly have the youngster as a big part of their plans for 2024-25.

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