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Barcelona increase water-saving measures amid drought

FC Barcelona have announced that they will increase water-saving measures in response to an emergency declared by the Catalan government.

The club has been working on reducing water consumption since 2021, and they report success in savings since then. They hope they can decrease water usage even further amid drought conditions in that region of the world.

“FC Barcelona is implementing the necessary steps to reduce the use of groundwater and will invest more than 2 million euros in the use of recycled water for its watering systems and to further its objective of becoming self-sufficient,” the club said in a statement.

“These measures will mean a 30% reduction in drinking water. Following on, and with the aim of being prepared for future droughts similar to the current situation, the Club is committed to reducing by 50% the consumption of groundwater in 2024. “

The drought hitting Catalonia is the worst on record. The Catalan government has decreed emergency water saving measures affecting every facet of society in response to the drought, which they believe is a result of climate change.

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