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Barcelona to match Real Madrid earnings with new Nike deal

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FC Barcelona are more than aware of their financial problems, and they know they have to take specific precautions. Even in recent seasons, the club has had to be careful with their spending. However, to fully recover, Barcelona need a significant injection of funds.

One of the major sources of such revenue for Barcelona remains their shirt sponsor. Since several years, Nike has been the one brand to stay with the Catalan giants through thick and then. However, their relationship had become strained in recent months, and a parting of ways was previously being reported as well.

Now, however, there is great belief that the situation may just be turned around. According to SPORT, Barcelona and Nike could come to an agreement that would see them agree to a new contract in which Barça becomes the joint-highest earning club in the world when it comes to revenue generated from a main kit sponsor.

This new valuation would see Barcelona receive €120 million from Nike annually, a jump from the previous €105 million they were earning. Moreover, it would match the €120 million that Real Madrid currently earns from Adidas, and even match Los Blancos in terms of just how valuable the kit is in its entirety.

By that, the report means the collective revenue generated from all kit sponsors annually. Real Madrid earn €190 million in total from both Adidas and Emirates combined, and that would be a value that Barcelona could match if Nike agrees to the new reported deal and Spotify continues paying as they do.

By doing this, both Barcelona and Real Madrid will sit atop a throne that very few can even come close to. The likes of Arsenal, Manchester City, and Manchester United are the next in line, but as per various sources, the highest they earn from their sponsors is €88 million.

While this is no small amount either, it simply feels like it in relativity to what Real Madrid, and potentially Barcelona, would be earning. Moreover, given their rather fragile economic state, such a boost would be more than welcome for the Catalan giants.

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