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Barcelona working to host NFL matches at Spotify Camp Nou once stadium reopens

Barcelona fans are eagerly awaiting the completion of the Spotify Camp Nou renovation project, which is going to boost the club’s revenue through various means.

The work is still underway, which is why Barça have been forced to play in Estadi Olimpic Luis Companys in Montjuic this season.

We are still almost ten months away before Barça can return to Camp Nou The Catalans are expected to return to Camp Nou sometime around November this year, but the stadium will only work at 66% capacity.

The entire renovation work is likely to be completed in 2026. The completion of the project will not only boost Camp Nou’s seating capacity but also make the stadium much more versatile.

Barcelona in talks with NFL franchises

To that end, Barcelona are already in talks with several NFL franchises to host an NFL match at Spotify Camp Nou when it reopens.

This is according to RAC1, which suggests that Barcelona are actively searching for other means of revenue from the renovated Camp Nou.

A renovated Camp Nou soon host NFL matches (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

NFL is known for generating large amounts of revenue and Barcelona are ready to utilise the opportunity by allowing teams to host matches inside Camp Nou.

The popularity of the NFL has grown significantly across the globe in recent years, including in Europe. A renovated Camp Nou, with over 100,000 capacity could, therefore, be an ideal platform to host NFL matches.

However, Barcelona are still in the early stages of development and it might not be until 2026, when the club will be able to invite NFL teams to play at Camp Nou.

The stadium, nevertheless, promises to be an excellent source of non-football revenue, which is going to go a long way in helping Barcelona’s economic woes.

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