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Barcelona youngster set to become one of the leading faces for Adidas – report

Lamine Yamal’s meteoric rise at Barcelona has been well documented this season and the 16-year-old’s progression hasn’t got unnoticed, not just for the teams abroad but also for the global brands.

The young winger was previously in contract with Nike and but now the company could be on the verge of losing the Barcelona pearl from their ranks, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Who is fighting for his acquisition?

Yamal had been sponsored by Nike throughout his developmental years, from his early stages until he transitioned to the first team. 

However, recent speculation suggests that the partnership between the American company and Barcelona is on shaky ground, and consequently, Yamal might be on the verge of parting ways with Nike.

Reports indicate that he has inked a long-term deal with Adidas, positioning him as one of the prominent faces of the brand.

The rumours could be true given that the footballer was seen training last Friday in white Adidas ‘X’ Crazyfast boots.

Lamine Yamal might sign for Adidas. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

The aforementioned outlet further claims that while the future of the relationship between Nike and Barcelona remains uncertain, Adidas stands to gain not only Lamine’s endorsement but also potential collaboration with the Spanish national team for marketing campaigns.

Interestingly enough, this move aligns Lamine with other Barcelona players, including Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Jules Kounde, Pedri, Raphinha, and Ferran Torres, who already represent Adidas.

It is said that Adidas recognized Yamal’s potential to serve as a source of inspiration for emerging generations, becoming a compelling example for those who wish to emulate his success.

This mirrors a strategy previously employed by the brand with a former Barcelona acquaintance several years ago, namely Lionel Messi.

Just like Yamal, Messi wore Nike during his early years but eventually moved to Adidas to become the face of the brand.

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