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Ceferin ‘cracks’ once again against the Super League and doubts his real intentions


The president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, took advantage of his intervention in the most recent congress of the organism to launch new ‘darts’ against the project of the Superliga Europe. So critical as always with the idea that back FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the esloveno centred his speech in ensuring that “they say to be the saviours of the football when in reality they try it dig his grave”, signalled with regard to the impulsores of the Superliga.

“Right now some people try pisotear these seventy years of history. They try to change this European model of football in spite of his success. They do the victims when in reality they are not more than predatory. They confuse monopoly with unit. They confuse alms and solidarity”, ensured Ceferin. “In Europe only explains a law: the law of the market. Some think that all can buy . Everything is on sale. The people are not more than consumers”, commented also the lawyer.

The UEFA is not had to recognise errors and change postures

“So much to level of clubs as of selections, have been in the peak during decades. And we are the sufficiently humble as to attribute this indisputable success to our only model, a model based in the solidarity, the investment, the unit, sportive merit, promotion and descent”, signalled also the president of the UEFA. His statements no only did not diminish in intensity from there but besides it left clear that “some individuals are treating to divide us for the free market, promoted by a wish insaciable to generate gains every time greater for some privileged”, sustained.

“This is a perspective of the life. But no ours. This is not the type of society that want to transmit to our children. It is not the type of Europe that imagined his parents founders. The visionario Jean Monnet was used to to say: ‘there is not future for the villages of Europe without unit’. Had a lot of reason”, highlighted also the esloveno. Of equal way, the president of the UEFA added that “we defend an ideal; a fragile balance between opposite interests. And this has a price”, explained.

Finally, Ceferin tried to move away the criticisms on the Champions League of the following course, in which the format will see altered to include 4 teams more and increase the quantity of parties that contest each club. “The new revolutionary format of our masculine competition promises greater equity, enthusiasm, intensity, emotion and uncertainty”, stood out.

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